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25 Most Promising Healthcare Consultants
Company Name Description
Alliz Healthcare A consultancy firm that provides services to corporate health and wellness portal thought various technology driven solutions.
Astron Hospital Health Care Consultants A consultancy organization specialized in hospital and healthcare activities and offers services in quality & accreditation, public health and facility planning & design.
CitiusTech A technology firm that offers healthcare technology services including healthcare software development, healthcare interoperability, meaningful use compliance, BI / analytics, care management and consumer health.
FrontEnders Healthcare Services An organization that offers solutions across the healthcare spectrum, covering healthcare management consulting and corporate healthcare consulting
HealthBridge A management consulting firm focused exclusively on healthcare delivery (hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres and other patient care providing organisations).
Heltharch India An organization that provides comprehensive hospital management consultancy services in healthcare and hospital project consultation, selection and purchase of medical equipment, hospital management solutions, etc.
Hosmac India A healthcare management consulting firm specialized in providing services to the fields of healthcare architecture and construction, healthcare communication, healthcare project management, healthcare equipment planning and procurement.
Hospaccx Healthcare Business Consultancy A healthcare consultancy firm that offers an array of services for various healthcare setups ranging from a nursing home to a multi-speciality and super-speciality set-up.
Ingenious Healthcare Consultants A healthcare consulting frim that provides services in hospital planning & architecture designing, business development and promotions, hospital operations & systems, inventory/materials management and hospital performance improvement.
InScience Healthcare Consulting A conceptual healthcare consulting firm which focuses on healthcare stakeholders such as hospitals, doctors, and allied professionals.
Isos Consultancy Services A healthcare frim that offers services like strategic planning, project feasibility analysis, hospital design and planning, healthcare process standardisation, quality improvement and accreditations and public health.
Kyra Healthcare Consulting A consulting firm that offers healthcare business consulting and financial services and help clients with strategic consulting, business planning, growth advisory and operational management advisory.
MarksMan Healthcare Solutions A health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) consulting firm that focus on providing outcomes research, economic modeling, real-world evidence (RWE), market access solutions and value communications services.
medindia4ucom Private Limited An online provider of health information and services to consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals and corporations globally through websites, applications and product offerings.
Medium Healthcare Consulting A healthcare consulting firm that offers business strategy, marketing & sales, quality & patient experience, performance transformation, healthcare franchising and public health.
Medwiz Health Care A healthcare communications agency that offers medical communications, scientific content-based product promotion strategies for pharmaceutical and device companies, patient education and web-based solutions.
Metro Zone Health Services An healthcare consultancy firm that provides assistance to hospitals into their business development, medicaid processing, medico legal and risk services.
Octavo Solutions An organization that provides solutions to healthcare industry with latest technologies to improve the functationality & quality of work by assisting in planning and development of healthcare facilities and infrastructure projects.
Palash Healthcare Systems An organization that provides commercial and clinical software solutions to healthcare industry and helps to improve the operational effectiveness, reduce costs, reduce medical errors and enhance delivery of quality care.
Praxis Healthcare Consultancy A healthcare consultancy that provides services in hospital facility management, hospital planning, hospital administration as well as hospital marketing services.
Relife A firm that offers services to pharma mfg, medical tourism,hospital consultancy, homeopathy manufacturing, marketing and nursing college.
RPG Ventures A company that offers services in medical branding, banking and making ISO certifications
Salus Health Care An organization that offers comprehensive talent management solutions to healthcare and life science organizations.
Sun Shine Global Hospital A healthcare care group that provides comprehensive treatments, innovative cures and patient-centric services in a cost-effective manner.
ZON Healthcare Consulting Healthcare is gradually moving to become one of India's largest sectors, both in terms of revenue and employment. The sunshine sector comprises of several components such as hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, tele medicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment.