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The word "quality" is a buzzword in today’s fast moving life, whether in the food, industrial or services sectors and especially in the IT sector. The change in business needs and end user perspectives always demands organizations to check the value and quality of the products they bring into the market space. Today, the purpose of quality is to provide the client with a suitable offer with controlled processes while ensuring that this improvement does not translate into additional costs. Unfortunately, today’s difficult business climate has lead to downsizing resulting in scarce resources available to manage the QMS requirements. This includes determining the appropriate level of documentation and associated controls to develop required processes and procedures and when it comes to quality, ISO certification comes first in the line. ISO and Quality are connected to each other as Quality management works on the defined processes of standardization set by ISO; which strictly guides companies to follow certain principles, tools and rules as guided by the ISO to fulfill the needs of their clients. However, closer the perfection, higher the costs! To lower levels of waste and rework, cutting costs and improving productivity and production efficiency, today most of the organizations are in a tug of war. To correctly interpret and thoroughly understand the intent of the particular quality standard and its application to the  business, most of the firms look forward for an extra hand, and they all end up at a single point- Quality Consulting. Quality Management Consultants not only helps organizations to transform what could be just more paperwork into a productive business tool but also helps them to reap financial benefits out of  quality products along with goodwill. In other words, consultants help organizations to design and implement an effective quality system based on what’s best for the company and their customers.

In this special issue of Consultants Review, we focus on 25 Most Promising ISO & Quality Management Consultants, who are capable of improving quality capabilities, and bring the most value of the organization by raising the quality metrics that matters the most. The proposed list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose the felicitous consulting partner who suits their specific requirements and help them to gain efficiency by supporting them beyond an advisory level.