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Organizations often inadvertently underestimate—and in some cases, deliberately overlook—the risks associated with executing a complex project. They should ideally invest time and resources during the planning phase and preferably hire experienced consultants to mitigate the risks. The art of scrutinizing the associated risks, opportunities, strengths and threats to minimize the execution cycle and maximize the returns is termed as Portfolio management. In simple terms, Portfolio management is the management of processes, methods, and adopting appropriate technologies to generate a comprehensive and clear roadmap and following the same during the execution phase. By methodically scoping the project right from the beginning till the end, the Consultants help organizations plan and execute the right set of business strategies.  Taking informed decisions and mobilizing resources effectively, the Consultants often manage to pull the desired outcome and thereby maximize the profits. Understandably, Portfolio Management sector is evolving and consultants are in great demand. Today, successful companies rely on Consultants who can not only guide them with their business processes but also in delivering quantifiable returns on their investments. Demand for Portfolio Management Consultants is set to increase many folds in the coming years.