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10 Most Promising EHS Consultants - 2021

From the time of the industrial revolution to the 1980s, the single-minded focus on industrial and economic growth has cost the environment severely. Pollution and depletion of resources at a fast pace forced governments to wake up and realize the importance of the environment, health, and safety. Frameworks that guide businesses on how to continue to grow while implementing sustainable business processes as well as making the workplace safe. In a stringent environment, regulatory bodies expect employers to create a safe workplace. This expectation is shared by employees who are concerned about their safety. They feel more in-volved when they see their employers care and their productivity improves as a result. Customers and other stakeholders also have a positive perception about businesses that put safety on par with quality and growth.

Environment, health, and safety is an all-in-one term that focuses on improving the EHS performance of a business. EHS refers to the implementation of procedures focused on ensuring and improving the safety of workers and their surroundings. These processes play a significant role in achieving and maintaining the overall environmental goals of the organization. EHS Management (Environment, Health, and Safety) is a crucial aspect of an enterprise's operations. It not only helps minimize the impact on the environment and improve worker safety and well-being but it also can improve employee retention, productivity, and enhance the brand image of the company spurring customer and corporate growth.

In this issue of the Consultant Review Magazine, a list of 'Top 10 EHS Consultants - 2021' is given to the readers in various areas, for educating the Excellency EHS Consultants of in India. The listing is prepared up by a group of industry veterans, CEOs, and VCs, and the Consultant Review Magazine editorial team.