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Project Management skills are the very basic need for a project that involves planning, design, monitoring, and final project execution. The application of good project management practices is therefore very essential. However, most of the time organizations fail to alter their project management skills and end up in a declined economic margin. This is where the role of consultants becomes inevitable. Using their resources to assist individuals and organizations successfully plan and carry out complex projects around the globe. Similarly, engineering, with its broad range of verticals is an area having prime importance. The consultants here again has shown immense expertness by finding the easiest possible path to implement  project orders from the centre, states, and local firms. In India, for example, construction of the Delhi Metro Rail is considered to be one of the more successful ventures. The leading consultancies working presently in this arena of project management have tons of experience. Their clientele is diverse; they undertake to bring diverse options for clients which would meet their project requirement in the best possible manner. Effective project management provides a great encouragement to the country’s economy as well. Managing projects in various geographies, time zones, operating with stakeholders from multiple cultures and handling new technology offer distinct challenges. Naturally, this demands consulting services to be highly competent. The next 2-3 years are going to be the most important for the consulting industry to demonstrate its managerial, financial and technical prowess to establish new benchmarks in the Project management and engineering industry.

The current edition of Consultants Review brings you “25 Most Promising Project Management & Engineering Consultants in India”.  The list features some of the prominent consultants in the industry who are capable of helping clients gain efficiency by supporting them beyond an advisory level. The proposed list aims to help individuals and corporations to choose the felicitous consulting partner, who suits their specific requirements and helps them attain project objectives, provide project management best practices, quality services and efficient project delivery.