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Over the past decade the corporate world has witnessed dramatic shifts in its form, finance, marketing, HR, and outsourcing have all faced the change that is slowly gripping the entire sector. Devising business strategies, global marketing, and innovating new products now form the core of developing a business. In this changing arena, defining management & strategy consultants only in the role of advisors would be an understatement. As primary problem solvers, their responsibilities are diversified cutting right through the internal hierarchy of an organization. Taking a note of it, the industry is bringing in consultants to lend a helping hand in every managerial & strategic area of focus. Emphasizing on value addition, consulting firms have come up with some compelling work. For a case in point, World Bank-Stanford conducted a study in a set of textiles factories in India where the management was completely revamped and new strategies were put in place. The five month long experiment exhibited staggering results. When compared to other factories the selected ones stood out in efficiency and profitability. In numbers, the productivity increased by 10 percent and the quality in inventory management improved with a good margin. From developing the internal structure to plotting future graph, a proper aligned management and strategy system is 'sour grape' for most of the organizations. Now, it is an undeniable fact that companies are exceedingly relying on consultants who can not only help them in establishing innovations but also yield profits.

In light of these facts, the current edition of Consultants Review brings you "25 Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultants in India." The list features some of the prominent consultants in the industry who are capable of helping clients to gain efficiency by supporting them beyond an advisory level. The proposed list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose the felicitous consulting partner who suits their specific requirements and helps their enterprise realize greater efficiency, faster time to market, decrease in operational cost, augmentation in customer base and much more. In the following pages we have featured some of the Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultants.