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Driven by increased investments in infrastructure and industrial production, the Indian Engineering sector has witnessed a remarkable growth over the past few years. Being closely associated with the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors, the engineering sector is of strategic importance to India’s economy. Owing to this, engineering consulting industry is also witnessing great demands, mostly due to more and more companies needing to supplement their in-house expertise with outside professionals. From assisting private and public sector firms across civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, environmental, chemical, industrial or agricultural industry, engineering consultants have been adding valuable inputs for bettering the outputs. Not only in the production or process, but engineering consultants also assist in ideation, designing, manufacturing, processing, fabrication, and branding & marketing while guiding the firms with inconceivable marketing thoughts for generalizing sales.

Today, while some of the engineering consulting firms have been serving various sectors for more than decades, other companies have just been incepted a few years ago. However, both the experienced and new firms in the engineering consultancy sector are serving a plethora of small and large clients. For this purpose, to let our readers know the recent development in the engineering consulting sector and about the companies that are either established in the consulting sphere or fighting their way ahead to become tomorrow’s leading engineering consulting company, Consultants Review presents you a list of ‘Top 10 Most Promising Engineering Consultants – 2019’. This carefully curated listing features some of the prominent names of engineering consultants who is prepared after thorough inspection by experienced board of industry’s managers and industry analysts, including Consultants Review’s editorial board. The proposed list comes in favour to companies that look for felicitous consulting partner, who align the specific needs along the healthy business profits.