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People internationally relocate for many purposes, for higher education, job or better quality of life – to name a few. Though thousands of Indians relocate to foreign countries every year, however, the process is not as easy as it seems to be. When an individual is migrating to another country, there are certain laws in the new country that needs to be taken care of. Therefore, it is necessary for the individuals to take expert guidance in order to follow various legal matters ranging from visa application to residence permission in their new country. Committed to help the prospective immigrants to relocate overseas, immigration consultants advise about the migration procedures and keep the applicants away from any legal issues during the visa application processing. They also give assistance for filing a petition for visa, and this comprises submitting the needed documents, and negotiating the visa process which is often fairly lengthy and complicated.

More importantly, under the guidance of expert immigration consultants, the entire process has been done with customized solutions as per the specific requirements of each individual. The personalized attention and prompt services using their professional skills and networks across the globe, the immigration consultants function to eliminating unnecessary delays in the migration process and also making it convenient and hassle-free.

Decoding the wide scope of immigration consultants in today’s globalized economy, Consultants Review magazine introduces you to the list of ‘10 Most Promising Immigration Consultants – 2019’ with the intention to help those who are planning to move abroad but uncertain about how to deal with the process or wrestling with different immigration issues. Having been scrutinized by a distinguished panel of the industry’s managers and industry analysts including Consultants Review’s editorial board, these handpicked firms are assured to follow the deadline and guarantee that the application is submitted within the time frame, while overseeing all the aspects involved in processing a visa and immigration services.