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Healthcare has emanated as one of the largest service sectors with guesstimated revenue of around $30 billion composing 5 percent of GDP and offering employment to around 4 million people in India. According to the Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian domestic healthcare sector is expected to rise to $100 billion by 2016 and 71 percent of this growth is expected to take place in hospitals. With a robust domestic insistence, providers are reinventing existing delivery paradigms to bring healthcare closer to the patient. Investment in private healthcare is going up as the country hosts 150,000 medical tourists and this number will see a hike of 15 percent every year.  To capture this tranche and other possibilities both domestic sources and foreign corporate ventures have stepped into the sector, offering multi-specialty healthcare, diagnosis and treatment packages. Merely identifying and promoting the healthcare innovations aren’t enough, there is a need to focus and understand the complexities of medical sector and establishing them in Indian marketplace. This is where the role of healthcare consultants comes into play, by reconfiguring assets, shifting tasks, promoting innovation, and cultivating frugality the healthcare consultants offers a bag full of services for both companies and medical sector.  Today the healthcare sector is vast; right from healthcare communications to pharmaceutical industry and from hospital management to healthcare software development, healthcare consultants provides services in different sectors of healthcare industry. It’s an undoubted fact that the companies rely only on consultant who can not only help them in establishing innovations but also yield profits.

The current edition of Consultants Review brings you “25 Most Promising Healthcare Consultants in India”.  The list features some of the best in the industry who are capable of helping clients to gain efficiency by supporting them beyond an advisory level.  The proposed list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose the felicitous consulting partner who suits their specific requirements and helps their enterprise realize greater efficiency, faster time to market, decrease in operational cost, augmentation in customer base and much more.