10 Most Promising Mergers & Acquisitions Consultants - 2017

With the global economy soaring high and to meet up with the growing trends, the Indian economy demands a vigorous competition to set its strong foothold in the global business hub determined by latest innovations &developments. As the era of volatility has made it inevitable for businesses to grow both organically & inorganically it has also led to the emergence of new capital planning structure, business strategy plans-policies &more. And amongst various framework and approaches, Mergers & Acquisitions tend to bean important part of corporate restructuring.

Companies at present times in order to attain heights and inculcate new methodologies & strategies are looking out for M & A deals for securing the market position. This is where the role of Mergers & Acquisitions Consultants comes into account.  These consultants offer the businesses a tremendous set of opportunities with creating a sustain breakthrough value.They not only play a critical role in helping the companies to merge with similar organizations or acquire weaker organizations, but they standas a strong support by integrating programs that are designed to deliver synergy goals and achieve operational efficiency, thus increasing their market share & profitability.

 In this edition of Consultants Review, we have listed ‘10 Most Promising Mergers &Acquisitions’ Consultants that are assured to bring the most value to the organization. The proposed list aims to help companies to choose the felicitous consulting partner who suits their needs and can help them achieve desired goals.

Company Name Description
Ashok Maheshwary Associates An accounting, tax and business consultancy firm with branch offices in Delhi and Mumbai, and strategic tie ups with leading international accounting, law and consultancy firms that provide end to end solution in M&A
Bhama Consulting Financial consultants with a global reach that provides effectual M&A solutions
Connvero Consulting Services A strategic consulting & market research firm that delivers smart, sensible and cost effective solutions to its clients across the globe
Corporate Finance Associates Endeavors to efficiently integrate tailor made M&A solutions for clients to provide holistic solutions that serve the organization's needs
Franchise India Advises domestic and international, small and medium sized companies with individually tailored M&A Advices and assist them to accomplish their goals in India.
Hu Consultancy Provides concept to completion solutions on a turn-key basis for executing M&A transactions covering the entire gamut of critical components of an M&A transaction
Intensive Fiscal Services A leading investment banking firm which is a one stop shop for capital raising and corporate advisory services to both domestic and international entities
MSK Fingen Act as a facilitator to address funding requirements of medium and large enterprises, large corporate and big corporate to execute the financial resource mobilization activities for national or international projects on the basis of an agreed mandate with the clients
Sunil Goel And Associates Devotes sufficient manpower and resources to constantly update itself on the fast changing macro environment having a bearing on the Merger and Acquisition (M&A) scene in India and imparts effective solutions
Transjovan Capital A premier new-age Board Advisory firmy that offers M&A advisory services to companies with a collective deal experience of consummating USD 1+ Bn worth of transactions