10 Most Promising Operations & Strategy Consultants - 2017

It is often said that mere planning has lost its glamour as the plans have turned into strategies. In this evolving landscape, the organizations across domains are facing challenges of different kinds in order to usher high in the competition. Though the new technological implications have created an unprecedented set of opportunities for businesses but at the same time, they have also created vulnerabilities. And to avoid all such vulnerabilities, ‘Operational Strategy’ has become a buzzword in the business environment. These strategies tend to help the businesses right from the planning process to meet the issues affecting the long-term well-being. To meet today’s security challenges and other factors organizations must begin to think about exceptional strategies & operational management techniques in the business context. This is where the role of operations & strategy consultants comes into account. These consultants help the companies to identify their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, thus enabling them to increase their revenue and market share along with enhancing their competitive advantage.

In this edition of Consultants Review, we have listed ‘10 Most Promising Operations & Strategy’ Consultants that are assured to bring the most value to the organization by maximizing the profitability of the business with sustainable growth. The proposed list aims to help companies and corporate leaders to choose the felicitous consulting partner who suits their needs and can help them achieve professional goals.

Company Name Description
AKT Associates A team of dedicated Chartered Accountants, Company Secretory, Advocates, and Management Experts with a vision to provide world class taxation, legal compliance & management consulting services all under one roof
Asia Pacific Inc A leading Corporate Advisor having trong presence in the sectors of Financing Infrastructure, Construction, Power Generation, Real Estate and other segments
CCerebrate Business Consulting Brings proficiencies in strategy and operations through an implemenation driven approach to help organizations align their bottom line to top line strategies
CEO Serve Provides business Consulting, Outsourcing and Investment advisory services to Startups, SMEs and Growth Companies
CFOSME Provides shared CFO services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that do not need or cannot afford full time CFO
Mafoi Consulting Services Offers consulting services in the areas of strategic management, business transformation management, operations management & human resource capital management
SansPareil Corporate Advisory Group A boutique cross-border management consultancy firm that provides financial services and business optimization services to the small and medium business and to Enterprise customers
UNIVERSAL CONSULTING INDIA Delivers grounded practical recommendations based on a deeper understanding of Indian market-place realities
Vector Consulting Group A management consulting firm that help companies build unique operations and supply chain capabilities
VentureBean Consulting A boutique consultancy focused on improving the capability index of management teams, systems and processes