10 Most Promising Consultants For Branding And Marketing - 2021

Traditional advertising agencies and digital agencies have been serving brands across industries since decades. What they offer as solutions to clients is majorly ‘advertising solutions’ and not ‘brand solutions.’ A brand problem cannot be just solved by posting a digital post, filming a TVC or enhancing the SEO results. This is where brand strategy consultancy services come in. A brand problem, however small, needs a magnified look at consumer’s lives and what impacts it. Wolfzhowl, a behaviour change lab that is focused on solving brand problems through the lens of consumer and culture, was established by Kalyan Ram Challapalli in 2012 to instigate brands to envisage behavior change by analysing the culture consumer lives in. Wolfzhowl believes that consumer behaviour change is the key instrument to achieve the brand task and brand profitability. For this reason, they spend a lot of time studying culture and marrying it with data to understand how consumers are changing, what is driving the change and how it would impact brands.

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