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Considered as the most valuable strategic asset of digital era, Intellectual Property (IP) can be set in various formats including trademarks, copyrights and patents. In today’s globally connected world, where online presence has become a necessary for companies, enterprises and brands Intellectual Property is used to reinforce their identity and uniqueness. As the market receives new entrants every day, resulting in more tough competition, the chances of duplicity and plagiarism are at the peak and many have already lost their company identity and value through these illegal activities. Even though protected by the law, many organizations often fail to understand the value of and the risks to their IP, even when that IP accounts for a high percentage of the company’s value.

While most of the large companies and businesses have created a large intellectual property portfolio and maintain enforcement of the prescribed IP Regulations by government, many small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in India still are not serious about intellectual property protection. All kinds of business, whether they are small or big, have to be proactive with intellectual property in the early stages of the business. To gain a competitive edge in creating unique ideas, logos, trademarks and in overall Intellectual Property management and to protect them from breaching, organizations need the assistance of a specialized law firm in IP rights.

Identifying these requirements of the organizations, we at Consultants Review magazine brings to you a list of ‘10 Most Promising IP, Copyright, Patent & Trademark Consultants – 2019’. The list features some of the prominent consultants in the industry who are capable of helping clients by catering to their IP-related issues in a cost and time-effective manner. The proposed list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose their right consulting partners, who understand their business goals and help them to get a high rate of return on their intellectual property investments and appropriate protection for it.