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India's Wealth Management industry never had, in actual terms, a fairytale story to drive home, until quite recently. It was largely fragmented, over-reliant on its out-of-date financial instruments. Even the mutual funds, first introduced in India in 1961, got the real boost only after 1998. With liberalization and regulatory laws relaxed in 1992, the industry slowly indicated its emergence to regularly create new and more organized wealth management players. Wealth Managers grabbed whatever opportunities were present for taking and whenever they presented themselves. According to a report, India - The Future of HNWIs to 2015: Bourgeoning Wealth and Wealth Management Opportunities:-India currently has the fourth-highest number of HNWIs in the Asia-Pacific region, after Japan, China and Australia. As of 2011, there were 251,000 HNWIs in India, who, together, hold a total of US$1,083 billion. Such developments further assure the immense potential the industry holds. Wealth management industry is evolving, and many are relying on it to play a constructive role in driving the Indian economy forward in the coming years. By adhering to global standards, providing customized financial solutions, delivering seamless investment models, and infusing innovation and technology into the financial scheme of things, wealth managers have put the best foot forward and have rightfully been appreciated by all for the success it brought.

The current edition of Consultants Review brings you the "15 Most Promising Wealth Management Consultants in India." The list features some of the prominent consultants in the industry who are capable of helping clients achieve their financial goals by supporting them beyond an advisory level. The proposed list aims to help individuals and corporations to choose the felicitous consulting partner, who suit their specific requirements and helps their enterprise generate wealth efficiently, by providing astute financial services, sound financial planning and a clear road map to their financial objectives.