Platinum Immigration Consultancy Services: Upright Canadian Immigration Service Provider

CIO Vendor Started in 2010 to cater top-notch Canadian immigration consultancy services to Indian migrants, over the years Platinum Immigration Consultancy services has made its reputation via effective and timely permanent and temporary immigration services. “To remain on top of ever-changing environment in immigration field in Canada, the staffs regularly attend seminars and information sessions, interact with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and then deliver well-researched sessions at the Toronto office,” says Col. Pritpal Singh Ranhotra, (Veteran), Founding-Director and Chief-Consultant, Platinum Immigration Consultancy Services. Platinum Immigration Consultancy Services, along with its placement division is responsible for the success of the clients. It plays a crucial role in the settlement process of thousands of people. “We help the clients to realize their potential and aspirations by a widely experienced team of efficient professionals, who help the immigrants from the time they decide to settle in Canada till the time they successfully settle. In addition, we have incorporated quick and easy placement services in our list,” Col. Ranhotra. Aligning with the placement services, Platinum Immigration Consultancy Services has integrated personality development training in building self-awareness and self-confidence of the immigrants. They provide training on creating impactful resumes and cover letters, conducts interview training sessions and cross-cultural sensitization for internal growth of the immigrants.

Immigration Services provided by Platinum Immigration Consultancy Services have distinctive attributes. Following the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration, the firm provides ingenious immigration services to work in Quebec as a skilled worker. The extraordinary list of services includes federal skilled worker immigration services and work permit. “Adhering to the guidelines illustrated by the Canadian government, we allow candidates to apply for immigration. Before proceeding further, we scrutinize their documents thoroughly and match their skills and expertise with the ones mentioned by the employers. Based on the comprehensive ranking system,
candidates receive an invitation for permanent residency in Canada. It might take up to 12 months for getting an invitation,” says Col. Ranhotra.

There are other services like family sponsorship, spouse immigration, visitors’ visa, immigrant investor venture capital (IIVC) pilot program, entrepreneur program, self-employed program, and student visa in the alluring service list of the firm. These visa and immigration sponsorships have different criteria for approval; like for family sponsorship, any close relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent Canadian resident can sponsor a Canadian immigrant visa for family class, later the sponsorship is approved by the Canadian government if they find no discrepancy on the eligibility criteria.

Platinum Immigration Consultancy Services, along with its placement division is effectively helping clients to find their rightful place in the Canadian Labor market

An Entrepreneur’s Destination
While giving work and family immigration approvals, the Canadian authority says that there is a huge demand for entrepreneurs in the country, and they are willing to provide Canada’s newly launched start-up visa to link immigrant entrepreneurs with the private sector firms of the country. “With strong economic growth and low taxes and business cost, Canada has the right environment for research and development programs. By the IIVC pilot program, the North American country also has attracted a lot of investors that are willing to pay a hefty amount for the evolution of science and engineering. Moreover, the Canadian work society has a highly educated and multicultural workforce which is an advantage of starting any venture in Canada,” says Col. Ranhotra.

Whether applying for citizenship in Canada at the age of 14 years or 64 years, the Canadian government thoroughly checks an applicant’s knowledge about Canada via a written test. “Being a Canadian Regulated Immigration Consultant, I’m an expert on preparing candidates for this test,” says Col. Ranhotra. He further states, “We are placed at the top of the ever changing immigration environment in Canada, and guide an individual in expanding its scope to work. In case of a refused application for immigration, we standby the candidate’s side (provided all documents are accurate) and appeal for the further procedure for immigration.”