Pinakin Advisors: A Robust Blend of Professionals with Deep Corporate and Finance Experience

CIO Vendor As oil is to an engine, money is to an enterprise. Without proper administration of finance, no business enterprise can reach its full potentials for growth and success. Managing debt is integral to sustaining the business's cash flow. Reducing expenses and increasing revenue can help manage business debt. However, seeking advice from a certified financial advisor for additional advice about managing debt will be a paramount resolution. Pinakin Advisors is one of the fastest growing advisors in areas of Debt Syndication and Real Estate. Throwing light on, CFA, Founder Aashiesh Agarwaal speaks, “For most corporate, the fundamental issues that bother them are trust, reliability and credibility. Too often, small shops have limited capabilities to execute transactions, and they rely on other consultants. As a result of the same, the confidential information of corporate gets widely circulated. We ensure that we take mandates limited to a few institutions where we believe that the client’s profile fits the lenders lending criteria. This helps cut intermediaries, maintains confidentiality, reduces paperwork for clients, and improves the efficiency of disbursement.”

In the Pursuit of Serving Clients Better
Headquartered in Mumbai, Pinakin Advisors help businesses grow and attain their vision through an efficient, transparent and customer friendly way that offers credit worthy borrowers a lower rate of interest. “We cater services to verticals such as Real Estate where we leverage our experience and relationships cutting across subsegments to provide excellent and varied
opportunities for green field and brown field project opportunities. We are also active in Debt Syndication acting as intermediaries between the corporate and financiers like Banks, NBFC’s and private investors playing the role of intermediation with the utmost zeal, perseverance and high professional standards that we have set for our selves,” added Aashiesh.

The factor that differentiates the firm from that of its counterpart is the fiduciary and the responsibility both from the clients point of view and institutions point of view. “We take meticulous care to uphold the ethics demanded of such responsibility in everything we think, say and do. With time and consistency, clients and lenders both develop a high degree of trust and comfort with us. We believe this is our biggest competency and strength that sustains us,” pinpoints Aashiesh.

The work culture of Pinakin Advisors has a very open and participative style of management, where views of each individual are sought and valued. Each individual is respected, regardless of the person’s views and opinions. This helps people express their viewpoints without fear of reprimand. This open and frank atmosphere promotes various viewpoints and helps evolve the best solutions to meet clients’ needs.

The major factor that has contributed to the growth of the firm is leadership and high-quality services. Pinakin Advisors contribute from time to time to news and information services providing inputs and insight into current events. The firm also has a regular news update which reaches the clients and vendors every Friday, covering important events during the week. Furthermore, Pinakin also believes in serving the society in every form. The organization is very active in various voluntary social service platforms, like Rotary International and many more.

Pinakin Advisors with a confident outlook aspires to increase its revenue and clients in the year to come. “We will continue to provide cutting edge services to our customers while being fair and transparent to the institutions with whom we work. Keeping in mind the particularly challenging times with respect to corporate frauds, our preferred strategy is to deepen our engagement with our existing relationships rather than exposing our lenders to any risks. Consequently, we are working to develop wealth management offerings to our corporate and HNI clientele,” concludes Aashiesh.