Finpartnerz: Aiding to the Financial Needs of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises(MSME)

CIO Vendor Atypical MSME is either dependent on his current Banker for advice or his Chartered Accountant. However, there are people in the market who do not have sufficient experience in handling this segment and eventually end up giving wrong advice to the customers, ultimately leading them into a debt trap. The major challenge lies in comprehending the customers requirement as most of the bankers or even consultants fail to understand client’s requirement and the client end up having less than the required Bank credit. The key lies in understanding the client’s business and presenting the company to various stakeholders as this helps various stake holders in the sanction process to take the right amount of decision. Based out of Gurugram, Finpartnerz is one such firm which works towards understanding the client’s requirements and making other stakeholders understand consequently so that the right mix is delivered to the customers.

Formed by a group of experienced professionals, Finpartnerz provides advisory services mainly to MicroSmall & Medium Enterprises, corporate and individuals. “MSME’s are the backbone of a country’s economy and are typically run by family run business and are closely held. The promoters could be 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation entrepreneurs or even more. These guys are proficient at running the business starting from sourcing best raw materials at lowest prices and applying the best manufacturing techniques. But in terms of access to the right financial channel, they have limited access. Most of the MSME’s end up having less credit line from Banks then they are eligible for. This hampers their growth. Thus, Finpartnerz helps all
such MSME’s in providing right advisory on the selection of Bank and also selection of financial product mix so that they can optimize their cost of borrowing and also do not compromise on Bank Limits,” says Tanuj Gupta, Co-Founder, Fin Partnerz.

Making a Mark in the Industry
The debt management firm offers various services to the MSME’s and corporate such as Debt Solutions, Working Capital Finance Management, Long term finance, Project Finance, Improvement of Credit Rating, Insurance Solutions and Investment Banking. “We are the solution providers to the financial needs of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises and other corporate. We assist the corporate regarding Raising funds through structured financial products to meet their short and long term financial requirement and boost up their liquidity for expansion, modernization and growth. It covers both fund and non fund based credit facilities mostly through Banks and Financial Institutions,” added Gaurav Rana, Co-Founder, Finpartnerz.

Established in the year 2017, Finpartnerz has clientele across Automobile, Paper, Grains, Dry Fruits, Retail, Garment & Textile, Heavy Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Appliances, Polymer & Petrochemical, Real Estate, Agri, Timber & Furniture, Hardware & Software solution industries. “The factor that differentiates us from that of our counterpart is having a strong relationship with various leading Banks, Financial Institutions and Non Banking Financial Services Companies. Our team of dedicated professionals has rich experience and has deep functional knowledge and expertise to provide advisory services to our clients. The core competency lies in understanding the client’s requirement and then mapping the same to various Bank’s/Financial Institutions and then logically delivering the solution to the customer,” added Tanuj.

During the very first year of its inception, Finpartnerz crossed Rs.100 crore mark in terms of Debt Syndication for MSME customers. Finpartnerz has a clear vision and strategy for its growth, speaking of which Gaurav mentions, “Our focus will always be on providing right advisory on financial products to MSME’s. We always will try to fill the gap that exists between the client and the Bank. Finpartnerz wants to build itself or establish itself as a service provider in the field o MSME for facilitating easy access to Bank Finance to our customers. We have a clear inhouse strategy in place and will continue to strive hard in our sphere of operations.”