Karma Management Consultants: Simplifying HR and Employment Law Compliance with Tech-Enabled Solutions

Indian labour law is dynamic and has come of age ‒ attempting to employ e-governance, ease in legislation and streamlining processes and systems. With over 40 central laws and 150 state laws it has been no mean task, and the system continues to grapple with discrepancies in intent and ground reality. For companies, what this has translated into is an ambiguous state, where adapting to constantly upgraded systems proves a challenge, where information and insight is lacking, and where an understanding of implications and direction becomes imperative.

The ideology of the government in implementing a restructured system is aimed at amplifying the opportunities available to individuals and companies alike, and allowing greater ease in functioning. It also aims as weeding out redundancies and formulating a comprehensive system of filing, documenting and recording information. The initiative has aimed to create a wider playing field, and in motivating young talent to become a part of the mainstream. Implementation, however, has n’t been easy at either end. Glitches in the system, technical issues and other routine road blocks continue to hamper efficiency; while companies are still coming to terms with revised formats and other details. The need for companies to reach out to experienced professionals has never been greater. Companies are no longer looking for mere execution, but are looking to partner with those who can go beyond, and step into advisory roles. Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has pioneered in process automation and technology, and has made labour law compliance efficient and smooth.

Karma Management is a single window to a complete range of HR and Employment Law Compliance, advisory and consulting services through tech - enabled solutions. Keeping innovation & technology at the core,
Karma Management has developed several in-house solutions to meet the HR requirements and life cycle. Kishor Vaidya, Chairman and Director at Karma Management Consultants says, “With the right understanding of labour laws across India and keeping abreast with the various departments and advising to the client for the right perception and advice, we engage in end-to-end research, liaisioning, data management, tech-enabled solutions and service to enable the client to take correct decision. While there are several others who are following this model, no one has managed to replicate it in the number of locations we cover.”

Karma Management’s forte lies in complete Human Resource and Compliance Management life cycle that spans across recruitment process, outsourcing, employee relieving, performance management systems, payroll management systems, provident funds, audits, returns submission, licensing and liaisioning with various law authorities. Technology plays a vital role in firm’s services, delivering optimal results for their clients. “The unique feature of Karma Management services is its full suite of compliance tools to meet process and reporting needs end-to-end. We also have the ability to customize our services to incorporate complex requirements and sensitivities. Our in-house tools like comply 4hr, eDoc (register creation), eCheck (entity compliance) and vCheck (vendor com pliance) enable the organization to collate and retrieve detailed information across diverse locations and help in tracking various activities taking place between two parties. We have also built AI interface to make consultancy services more robust and real-time for clients,” mentions Pratik Vaidya, Managing Director of Management Consultants.

Established in 2004, Karma Management’s focus has always been on technology aided processes and quality. Presently, with branches in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad, the firm serves many MNC Banks, Facility Management, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing industry, IT, ITES, Retail and Telecommunication companies across India. Some of the big names in their client list include JLL, Bank of America, Lupin, Tele performance, Accenture, Croma, Myntra and Aditya Birla Fashion. Over the past few years, Karma has won many accolades and awards, and thus is rated as ʻSME 3- Highest Performance Capability with Above Average Credentials’ by CRISIL & Standard & Poor under SME category. Moving ahead, the company plans to offer improved Learning & Development solutions, and also wishes to optimize the advisory and consultancy functions more efficiently. Recently, Karma has invested in a startup of HR Shared Services. Through this, they expect to be a global player in the next five to 10 years in complete HR Shared Services and Compliance Services in multiple geographies.