Medilinks India: Understanding the Pulse of Healthcare Business Needs

CIO Vendor Indian healthcare industry is going through a rapid transformation and this transformation is certainly a costly affair. The concept of Corporate Hospitals /Corporate Style services in hospitals are now preferred over the Conventional health services delivery centers. More over, with CXO level experts leading the Business Transformation, there is a heavy financial load on an organization which at times acts as a hindrance in a complete transformation of any hospital or healthcare institute from complete loss-making business to profit earning organization. With advancing healthcare market, Hospital Management Consultancies are coming to rescue by bringing experience and expertise on the table. In association with an internal team of the organization, Management Consultants not only plan the strategies in a refined manner but the executions also take place in a guaranteed manner. Understanding the scope of providing CXO level consulting at a subsidized cost under, Ashish Vats established Medilinks India.

Established in 2017, Medilinks India is proud of its reputation in providing management consulting and helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvements. “Identifications of the core problem and expectations from the consultants are the biggest challenges faced by the clients. Most of the times, clients are confused that only Sales and Marketing department is not doing justice while everything else is fine as they concentrate on revenue. In order to make them understand, we at Medilinks India work out Gap Analysis of different Departments and collect internal and other scientific data to prove
our stand. More over, we form Strategic Committee including the client to monitor the corrective measures introduced by Medilinks India,” says Ashish Vats, MD & CEO, Medlinks India.

Mainly into Managing Operations and Management of Hospitals/Healthcare, Medlinks India also offers services like Market Research, Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Branding, Marketing, Digital Promotions & Website Development, Accreditations, Expansions and more. Medilinks India partners with world-class hospitals where highly experienced doctors are available for treatment from day one to the finish, ensuring that the customers are healthy and lively again. “Motherland Hospital has hired us as Management Consulting Partners for its Business Planning, Business Branding and for Doctors’ Engagement along with Website Development. At Le Crest Hospital, we are involved since inception and have completed Market Research, and are currently working on Pricing Strategy, Doctors Identification, and Engagements along with Digital and Launch strategies formation. At Kalyan Hospital, we are helping them in Resource identifications and funding while developing chains of National Eye Centre and Kalyan IVF,” shares Ashish Vats. Other than these, Medlinks India has served more than 50 clients so far, some of which includes names like Rama Medical Colleges & Hospitals units of Rama University, National Eye Centre, Le Crest Hospital, Motherland Hospital, JJ Institute of Medical Sciences, RJ Hospital, Adiva Hospitals, Kalyan Hospitals, Nimbus Eye Care, Life Care Hospital, Kalyan IVF Centres, Parivar Hospital, Global Hospital, Garg Hospitals and many more.

Recognized as ʻEmerging Brand in Management Consulting’ at World Health & Wellness Congress, Medilinks India’s growth trend is fast-paced. It has also become one of the most preferred Management Consulting institute across North India on the basis of its credibility. Medilinks India has started different Verticals like NABH Accreditations, South Asia Pacific Healthcare, and Business Awards and it's now looking for Medical Tourism too. Medilinks India understands the pulse of Healthcare Market and has set up a benchmark in performance which is a yield result of its skilled team, coordination, and transparency with the Promoters/Clients. “We are a Comprehensive Management Consulting and take pride in claiming and managing all loopholes of the Healthcare System and Business,” says Ashish. In the years to come, Medilinks India aims to become a Global Management Consulting Company with minimum of 50 headquarters and recently launched its operation at Nepal with Branch Office at Kathmandu.