THS Consulting: Practical & Profit-Oriented Hospitality Services

Alok Dubey,Promoter& PrincipalConsultant

New Delhi based THS Consulting was established in the year 2013 with a set of hospitality friends, who had worked together to gain experience and felt the industry needs a better solution. The company’s key services are for the hospitality industry and the idea is to provide them with an efficient back of the house plans, food service and Laundry design. “We have an immense focus on the optimization of energy, cost and space. We are not just service providers; we own our project as a business partner,” says Alok Dubey, Promoter & Principal Consultant.

Due to the growth of the hospitality sector, there prevails a huge competition. While this remains as one of the major concerns of organizations, the other challenge is with managing the operational costs, Hotels and restaurants face a constant struggle to control a wide range of cost centers including those related to efficient designing, cost optimization and energy, labour and space. Understanding this, team THS consulting adapts to new designs in a way that is more flexible and sustainable. The designs are suitable for the hospitality industrial facilities and are cost-effective, energy saving and come with reduced manpower. The company also provides facility planning, F&B Concepts, Commercial kitchen & Bar designing, F&B Operations, Staff training & development. It is majorly into commercial Kitchens for hotels, Industrial kitchens, Restaurants & bars.
Team THS Consulting leaves no stone unturned to walk that extra mile for its clients. Going beyond the label of a being a mere service provider, the team anticipates every concern, every question and every barrier. With deep understanding, extremely helpful approach and delivering values, THS has successful associations with big names in the industry, some of which include Hyatt, Marriott, Mayfair, Fortune, Bank of America, and Shell.

"The designs by THS Consulting are suitable for the hospitality industrial facilities and are cost-effective, energy saving and comes with reduced manpower"

What makes THS Consulting stand out in the crowd is the solutions they discover what other fails to spot. The company ensures 100 per cent customer satisfaction whilst participating in clients’ commercial target achievements. “We are in the business of satisfying client's needs with single, unified, all-inclusive complete service solutions. Infrastructure development is the backbone and key to the growth of the hospitality sector. We have a team of experts in intensifying and using landmark concepts to solve demanding situations. Our standard is to incorporate skill development in one industry into a lucrative solution in others,” he asserts.

The Roads Travelled
Since inception, THS Consulting has witnessed an overwhelming journey. The team has been working diligently with their incredible hard work and efforts towards its goal to achieve excellence. The team consists of 10 skilled experts with different creativity and knowledge that work together and deliver an imminent project..

Over the years, the company has grown to be called as a well reputed and one of the best F&B Service Consultants. It has taken up several projects pan India and internationally too. Narrating the future plans, Alok mentions, “Nurturing the design and making it worth the best of our abilities in our motto and we are working for it. We will continue designing cost-effective, power and space efficient kitchens further in future with the use of new technology in the market simultaneously. This would help for the better advancement of the hospitality industry.”