Bliss International Group: Stay Blissful

Vishal Varghese, Co-Founder

It’s David vs. Goliath showdown in the hospitality industry. The fight is on. Today, the market is burgeoning with new players, and size doesn’t matter. Emerging brands are shown promising results and are challenging the competition to a whole new level. With limited resources and the success of small niche chains, it’s quite evident that while the Goliaths are seemingly struggling, the Davids are finding their sweet-spot and thriving.

Bliss International depicts the echelons of this epic tale as the Davids of the industry, a young boy who defeated the giant with a slingshot. The duality between BIG and small,and the spirit of which permeates the essence of the hospitality industry is pushing them forward to achieve the impeccable.

A man with a millennial mindset, and the face of Bliss International Group, Vishal Varghese, sharing the success story, says, “It’s the blessing of the almighty God, who has showered upon us with grace and mercy. We are here today because of that. The industry will always throw you a tough fight. You have to rise to the occasion, stay on course, be part of it and enjoy the show.”

He further adds “Irrespective of class, creed, culture, and religion, people often forget the traditional values along the way. Everybody who ventures into doing something in the world needs to look back and reflect upon their ideals and principles that will eventually help them succeed in their endeavours. Because trust and keeping good faith is the only way forward.”

The Journey of BLISS
Founded in 2010, Bliss International Group began its humble journey from God’s own country, Kerala, to the land of opportunities, Dubai, UAE. Since then, there was no turning back for them. Since inception, the company has left no stones unturned. In a short span of seven years, Bliss International has forayed into multiple sectors, which include hotel, beauty & wellness, F&B, healthcare, lifestyle, and retail among others.

“Dubai is the second home for a lot of Indians. There have been several successful business tycoons and leaders who have emerged and shaped the city to the next level. Following their footsteps, working alongside them, and learning ways to expand our business brings us immense joy and satisfaction,” avers Vishal, passionately.

Dubai – The Land of Opportunities & Business Investment
Dubai is one of the largest, most advanced and fastest growing cities in the world. It has become a hub for shopping, trade, industry, aviation, and gold trade and has rapidly grown from a small city-of-fishermen to a metropolis barely in 16 years. Some describe it as 'a dream in a desert.’ The people, both rich and middle class, enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the only two emirates to have veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country legislature.

The credit goes to the initiative leader, his Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the Ruler of Dubai. He is known for his wise leadership, sharp vision and an open mind. These traits have helped in shaping the new Dubai and gained him the love of the people. The helping hands of his highness do not recognize geographical boundaries, and the examples are countless.

In the years to come, UAE is bidding to host the World Expo 2020 in Dubai under the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,’ which happens every five years and for a period of six months, it attracts millions of visitors. Surprisingly, it has never been, held in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia in the history of the event.

Today, Bliss International Group carving a niche in the industry has an extensive investment portfolio of successful businesses and partnerships that operate across the GCC region. The company focus has always been to maximize each hospitality – real estate business opportunity which is presented to them and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded investors, private companies and entrepreneurs, both in the Middle East and around the world. Bliss International Group works with its partners to create long-term business relationships by utilizing their expertise, professionalism and diverse network to execute projects seamlessly.

Invest in Dubai for Good ROI with Bliss International Group
Upping the game, Bliss International Group has grown multi-folds and provides end-to-end consultancy services, where the company deploys expertise and resources to work with the client from the initial site visit through to the opening of the facility. The company works closely with the client’s technical and marketing team at all stages. Depending on the needs of the project, clients get to choose the consultancy services, across varied portfolios, accordingly. Also, the company deploys expertise and team setup across all areas of Health and Fitness.

Bliss Group provides a comprehensive range of services ata very high levelof professionalism, interpreting, developing and implementing the client’s brief and requirements into a reality which is innovative, competitive and profitable. Some of their portfolios include Real Estate & Investments, Bliss Boutique Grand Hotel, Hospitality Procurements,F&B Consultancy Services, Spa & Wellness, Retail & Trading, Hospitality HR Solution, Fashion & Beauty, Bliss Retail, PRO Supports,and Bliss International Institution for Aromatherapy & Research Developments among others.

“At Bliss International, we walk the extra mile for our clients, investors, and shareholders. Unlike the giants of the industry, whose portfolios are expensive and rigid,we,on the other hand, ensure to safeguard our clients’ interest at its best and provide them flexible options to continually generate profitable returns - keeping core business activities in place,”says Vishal.

More than anything, Bliss International forged with its value and mission, provides direction, financial resources, and management support for each operating unit, thereby establishing a strong market presence for their activities. The company is known for its dynamic and innovative management, teamwork and a commitment to excellence. Bliss is a great place to work, where people get inspired and motivated at all times to put their best foot forward. The mixed ethnicity and cultural diversity in the workplace make Bliss International a creative, respectful, reliable, and customer-centric organization.

The Growth Story
In the span of seven years, Bliss International has had sustainable growth.
The company has solidified its position in the market with its unique services and solutions across multiple industries. Today, Bliss International remains at the core of the hospitality & wellness industry in the GCC region, where it specializes in providing niche consultancy services in establishing boutique hotels, restaurants, and spas among others.

Growing-organically, the company has generated 9-13 percent YoY revenue across multiple portfolios. The company consists of 16-20 members, a team of young and experienced professionals who strive towards adding value to the entire business ecosystem. The team includes seven board-of-directors, and are supported by other investors and business partners, who are working tirelessly to take the brand to a whole new level.

"Bliss International Group has solidified its position in the market with its unique services and solutions across multiple industries"

Vishal mentioned “At the end of the day, the results matter. The real result for us is the profits and the numbers. On the contrary, every organization does think of success based on the numbers. For us, the strength relies upon our board-of-directors, stakeholders, family, friends and team, who are the pillars of the company. Every quarterly, we live up to their expectations.”

What’s Next?
Currently, at an expansion phase, Bliss Group has ventured into new businesses that offer investors options to invest and grow. Recently, the company finalized the business structure to launch its boutique chain of hotels, 232 rooms Bliss Boutique Grand Hotels in Dubai & Bahrain.

“One of the dream projects is Bliss Water. We belonging from the land of desert, this is a must needed project. Bliss Water will embark in March 2019. It is a unique product that comes in a luxurious packaging, which is going to quench everyone’s thirst. It is very close to my heart,” avers Vishal.

Excited about the future of Bliss Group, he concludes “We will be launching a new chain of boutique hotels across seven emirates of UAE and other GCC region. In the coming days, we will remain ubiquitous in the hospitality industry. We will be known as the brand that resonates quality, trust, and reliability across the globe.”

Vishal Varghese, Director & Co-Founder, Bliss International Group
With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality and wellness industry, Vishal has led the company on the path of success. Under his leadership, the team has been known to complete two large-scale projects within a short span of 21 months.

Vishal holds a Degree in Hotel Management and a Diploma in International Spa Management from Derby University, UK. His clientele includes international brands such as Habtoor Grand Hotels & Resorts, Sheraton Group India, Leela Palace, Kempinski, Taj Hotels & Resorts and Oberoi's. His cognition of the niche market provides apt analytical management consultation and business solutions to clients. Having upheld professional standards, Vishal and his team have developed a network with leading Hotel and Resort Groups and manufacturing companies in the field of hospitality and real estate. Working with investors and joint venture groups from various countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, and Russia, he has developed a database of potential investors in the Hospitality, Spa and Wellness industry in Dubai.

Bliss International Group's expertise goes beyond consultancy services. "Urjaa Spa" is the in-house International Spa franchisee brand run by the group. Roots'N'petals is another undertaking that specializes in the manufacture and design of organic handmade products. These are beauty and skin care products like soaps, bath gels, shampoos, aromatic oils, and treatment oils.

Apart from the wellness industry, there are significant achievements in hospitality. Under the guidance of Vishal, the team has developed a 4-star hotel operation management concept known as Bliss Boutique Grand Hotel for landlords and investors, in Dubai and India hence adding another feather in the cap.

Vishal's lineage has been deeply rooted in Ayurvedic practices. He developed a passion for holistic-practices and pursued a career in the hospitality industry. With qualities of discipline and diligence embedded in him, Vishalhas established a successfulbusiness.

His passion drives him towards accomplishing his goal of developing a well-structured international hotel consultancy company and hotel operation providing management and strategic collaborations for new and existing hotels and resorts. Vishal and his team are also looking at exploring avenues of commencing mini-marts and real estate investment ventures in UAE.

Bliss International Group’s Core-value
• Transparency: All functions of Bliss International Group revolve around their core value of transparency. The company communicates openly amongst themselves, their customers and other investors to avoid misconception. They have implemented systems that record all aspects of their dealings and enforce each transaction to be processed transparently. Their growth story is written with transparency.

• Honesty: They are honest to their clients, organization, other partners and themselves. They don't just believe that honesty is the best policy but we practice it in our everyday life. We trust our stakeholders and give them full freedom to conduct business without any impunities checks. Our customer loyalty is our reward for honesty.

• Integrity - The essential criterion to become a member of Bliss International Group team worldwide is integrity. Our consultants uphold professional ethics while discharging their responsibilities. We resist all pressure, whether it comes from clients, suppliers or stakeholders to take shortcuts as we do not compromise our ethical standards and beliefs.

• Speed with accuracy - We work hard, smart and fast never compromising on accuracy. Our service is on time, every time. Our growth to a worldwide organization in record time is a testament to our philosophy of not wasting time. Our knowledge base, expertise, talent, client base and balance sheet grow with speed.

Bliss Internal Group’s Unique Service Offerings:
• Real Estate & Investments
• Bliss Boutique Grand Hotel
• Hospitality Procurements
• F&B Consultancy Services
• Spa& Wellness
• Retail & Trading
• Hospitality HR Solution
• Fashion & Beauty
• Bliss Water & Tissues
• PRO Supports
•Bliss International Institution for Aromatherapy & Research Developments and more...