Moneywise Capital Services: Flexible, User-friendly & Recognised Framework for Businesses

CIO Vendor The changes in the Indian economy denotes that the debt market is likely to grow at an exponential pace especially the small ticket size loans. There will be a more transparent way of dealing and lot of these small sized loans will be sanctioned and disbursed online only which will make easy for everyone to get an access to credit. All the compliances related to loans will be done online. This is going to be the future and New Delhi based Moneywise Capital Services look forward to contribute a good chunk of it.

A full-fledged financial service provider, Moneywise is the brain-child of Suraj Krishnaswamy that offers end-to-end advisory and consultancy services for successful syndication of fund raising needs of the Indian and Overseas corporates. Throwing light on the ideation of Moneywise, Krishnaswamy speaks, “I left Banking in 2006 December and started operations in January 2007. With very little or practically no capital in hand, I didn’t want to borrow money for business and did not want to either setup a factory or a manufacturing unit where in the capital invested is earned over a period of next 10-20 years. I sensed a great scope in the fundraising space and it required no investment except time. The result was Moneywise.”

In the initial years, things were challenging more so as it requited to make believe the clients about the financial problems and implementing the services to convince them and most importantly negotiating a fee with these clients. “Most of them didn’t find it worth hiring a good Investment Banker for their financial needs. Then, I came up with the idea of cost saving for them. I would come with innovative solutions for their company which would help them save a lot and help
them get a better banking partner which suits their needs and advise them rationally. This was very important for their growth,” mentions Krishnaswamy.

Today, Moneywise serves SMEs, mid-market corporates or large corporates across verticals- ranging from Real Estate, Dairy, Pharma, Trading, Metals and Mining, Coal and Power, Export House, Media, Publishing and Printing,to Paper, Agro Commodities, Roads and Highways, Auto Ancillary, Bulbs and Tubes, and others. Also,the company has been innovative through out in terms of finding new institutions and new products which suits the needs of the clients and are cost effective.

This year, Moneywise has crossed 2500 crore plus in debt syndication and expects to grow at a rate of 100 percent in thecoming years

The Silver Lining
From being a small consultancy firm to a boutique investment banking company offering a range of services, Moneywise Capital with a team of dynamic and young breed of promoters has carved a niche with their specialized knowledge, aggressive approach deep hunger to excel.

In fact, the company is said to have a success ratio of more than 90 percent in the mandates they have signed. Krishnaswamy adds, “For clients, the benefit is that we understand the trade well and have excellent relationships with most of the institutions and we act as a bridge in making them meet. We help them in negotiating terms with the client and getting the documentation done and closure of the deal.

The Story of Continual Growth& Progress
Team Moneywise takes immense pride in proclaiming a steady and boundless growth recorded over the years. “This year, we have crossed 2500 crore plus in debt syndication and revenues that signifies our success in many folds. In the coming years, we will look at 100 percent growth to 5000 crores plus in syndication,”