LLayakare Group Reliable & Effective Financial Services and Advisory Firm

CIO Vendor Living more in the moment makes India’s business leaders very adaptable and opportunistic. Besides, Indians have been known for their enterprising abilities. If given the right kind of support and capital, they can go from strength to strength. From post liberalization reforms that started out in the early 90’s to India’s current clarion call for Make in India, corporate finance has been at the core focus and the SME sector has grown to become the large enterprises not without the optimum availability of capital being made available to them at right time and under suitable conditions. With the thought of ushering the much-needed change to the SME landscape by enabling the SME’s to raise capital with the help of technology and transparent methods of syndicating and providing genuine financial advisory solutions and services, Llayakare Group came into being. The founders realized that SME’s are not at ease in getting access to the finance required to meet the regular operational demand and expansion of their business.

A reputed and reliable financial consultants and mediatory services company which increase reliability for both customers and non- traditional lenders, the company aspires to be a one stop solution for the young budding companies, large corporates and individuals where there is a need of finance to meet their business or personal demands by delivering effective and to the mark advisory and financial services.

“We majorly facilitate funding in private debt and equity for corporates depending on their requirement and other cost-effective finance related advisory solutions. Our main areas of focus are corporate finance, project finance and NPA solutions in all major industries,” informs Srrinath Jayenti, Director.

The services of Llayakare Group are not limited to India, they reach out to other countries as well. Largely, they deal with private funders/investors and in rare cases the services are offered through banks and other FI’s - pertaining to specific requirements.

Ensuring a Secured Financial Future
A team of professional finance advisors and experts at Llayakare group offers a gamut of financial services that helps one in focusing on business and personal life while they assist in raising capital through their effective and efficient fund facilitation techniques in no time.

Some of their services include Financial Advisory wherein they work as professional financial advisor to render financial services. They guide businesses in managing the uncertainties in terms of economic needs and help in meeting financial goals and build superior profit - making strategy.

In case of Project Finance, the company offers various funding options at competitive interest rates and in Debt Syndication, they offer customized solutions to meet the client requirements.

Over the time, Llayakare group has been a noted key player in the financial services market focusing on client service offering and to the mark solutions which shall be the best fit to client requirements. As a new generation financial solutions company with portfolio of serviced clients throughout India and other selected countries, the company also offers services to the corporates which are rejected by traditional lenders such as banks or NBFC’s and which have a requirement for finance. These corporates can benefit to achieve financial stability or regain financial performance by raising capital to operate business more efficiently or to have access to a consolidated loan to pay off all the existing debts.

“The services we provide should be the best fit for client requirement and that is our primary focus. We also ensure to maintain a client friendly approach throughout till the service is delivered and there after,” Srrinath says.

Gamut of Services
• Corporate Debt Restructuring
•Project Funding
• Corporate Funding
• LC/BG Services
• Personal Finance
• NPA Solutions
• Film Finance
• Financial Advisory Services
The Growth Ladder Since Inception
“The journey of providing services to corporates have been very satisfying and effective for us and also for the clients,” believes Srrinath. There were quite a few challenges initially to channelize the work, time and efforts invested in a proper direction from both the ends in an efficient manner which, at Llayakare Group they deem as gaining expertise in dealing with complicated situations while making sure all the protocols and procedures are followed to deliver a best suitable fit for the client requirements.

Providing effective and to the mark services in a timely manner using the expertise gained is the mantra that Llayakare Group has followed to be a key player in the market. Interestingly, the company has had a consistent growth throughout that has helped them achieve greater heights with immense support of the team, mentors and their clients.

Llayakare Group Majorly Facilitates Funding In Private Debt and Equity For Corporates Depending On Their Requirement and Other Cost-Effective Finance Related Advisory Solutions

“The key person for the success of Llayakare Group is our Chairperson & Managing Director J. Amareswarii, a table turning key resource,” he mentions.

While the debt management consulting domain tends to hold a massive potential to become one of the most important aspects of the financial sector, team Llayakare envisions reaching out to as many potential clients as possible. Apart from that, offering products and services in the right niche, at the right time & with an effective solution to the requirement would unleash the potential to work efficiently in financial sector. “We are always on a work efficiently mode. We will try our level best to contribute to the upliftment of corporates and people in India & abroad in demanding situations where ever our services are required,” he concludes.

Quick Facts
1. Year of Establishment: 2016
2. Details of Founders: Srrinath Jayenti, J. Amareswarii & Guntur Prasadd
3. Headquarter & Other branch location: Corporate & Registered Office - Hyderabad, Branch Offices – Delhi, Vizag & Pune
4. Workforce Strength: 10

Amareswarii Jayanti,Chairperson- Cum-Managing Director
Having more than 30 years of experience and expertise in finance domain, budgeting, accounting and cost effective advisory solutions, Amareswarii Jayanti is a table turning key resource for everyone who is waiting for an advisory service for overcoming financial needs and Constant efforts are being made to enable people to have an access to this expertise. Amareswarii Jayanti have worked in the government at a crucial and constantly demanding position. Amareswarii Jayanti is determined to help you overcome your financial crisis and assist you in the right direction of financial support and complete economical solutions.

Prasadd Guntur, Director - Business Operations
Having a wide experience and expertise of more than 20 years in finance management, operations excellence, client relationship, strategic business development, Prasadd Guntur as an expert carved a niche in roping individual and leading Corporate Clients and catered them by delivering bespoke solutions time to time. Corporate management solutions and business development is the domain in which Prasadd Guntur excelled since the formative years of his career. He has been constantly profiling requirements of customers and products available to ensure the option given is the best fit. Prasadd Guntur has been dedicatedly working to help you as per your requirements.

Srrinath Jayenti,Director-Sales & Marketing
With years of experience and expertise in banking domain, financial products, servicing, consulting and having a proven track of consistency in growing number of satisfied customers in different parts of the country for the dedicated and personalized services delivered, Srrinath Jayenti have a reputation of providing precise information and up to the mark assistance in facilitating funds as well as cost effective financial solutions to improvise your finances. While working as a banker Srrinath Jayenti have bagged some of the finest and admiring appreciations from the clients as well as banks and have been ranked on top in pan India by financial institution.

J R KRISHNA, Advisor& PR Officer (Retd. From GOI), New Delhi
J R KRISHNA have worked in Government of India for 35 years at various crucial and key positions at a higher designation with various ministries & ministers. He have been working with Llayakare group as an advisor & PR specialist from quite sometime.