Prashant Ajmera & Associates: A Brand Name in Residency and Citizenship by Investment Practice

CIO Vendor Finding opportunity is a matter of believing it's there'-once quoted Barbara Ann Corcoran, a successful American businesswoman, holds true for Prashant Ajmera & Associates, one of the most reputed immigration law firms in India.

It all started when Prashant Ajmera, an Indian lawyer, embarked on his maiden visit to the UK and experienced many hurdles in obtaining a visa as he was ‘not an ideal candidate’. This experience prompted him to study immigration and visa laws of different countries. Soon curiosity turned into passion, paving the way for establishing the law firm of Prashant Ajmera & Associates.

While in London, Mr. Ajmera metwith a well-known Canadian lawyer who was a partner in a reputed law firm specializing in immigration. The Canadian lawyer was highly impressed with Mr. Ajmera's astute business acumen and his knowledge of immigration laws and regulations. Grabbing this opportunity, Mr. Ajmera informed the Canadian lawyer regarding the tremendous potential for immigration practice in India. He proposed to open up an office for the Canadian law firm in Ahmedabad, India.In 1993, Prashant established a law office in India that exclusively practised immigration law.

Mr. Ajmera reminisces, "We started off promoting Canada immigration. The distinguishing factor for us was that we were lawyers not consultants or agents. Other agencies dealing with immigration could not help their clients with legal complexities of immigration. In depth understanding of immigration law, along with honest and correct advice, was our USP. Slowly people started seeing the difference between hiring a layer and hiring a consultant for their immigration needs and we gained a strong foothold in the industry.
Expertise in specialized area
The Law Office of Prashant Ajmera & Associates carries with it a legacy of 25 years of serving thousands of skilled professionals, businessmen, investors, corporates and HNIs. Since the last few years, the law firm has narrowed down its area of practice to assisting HNIs and top level executives in obtaining residency and citizenship of over 30 countries around the world.

We provide customized legal solutions after considering our clients’ circumstances, objectives and background. Instead of promoting any particular country or program, we provide them with different options most suitable to their needs.

Elaborating on the reason behind this change, Mr. Ajmera states, "Residency and/or citizenship by investment is a pretty new concept in India. During my years of practice, I have realised there are 4 core reasons why people want to immigrate - children’s future, business expansion, tax planning andease of travel. India now competes with western countries in the number of HNIs and investors. Taking advantage of this fact, we decided to concentrate on this emerging market."

The law firm has an exclusive network of related professionals in several countries globally to provide allied services to HNI clients and Start Ups. Headquartered in Ahmedabad,the firm has its presence in Canada, USA and UAE. The firm has been awarded the Immigration & Nationality Law Firm of the Year 2017.

He adds, "We are very discreet and straight forward in dealing with our clients. We provide customized legal solutions after considering their circumstances, objectives and background. Instead of promoting any particular country or program, we provide them with different options most suitable to their needs."

Mr.Ajmera is aalso renowned public speaker and Director of a NGO working for the empowerment and rehabilitation of women with a criminal past.