JNJ Management Consultancy Services: Effective Services in the Quality Assurance Space

CIO Vendor The ornamenting of organization with certificates may get them the tender, but ultimately it questions the integrity and sustainability of the business. This may seem a little melancholic. But, this is the reality. “Sustainability comes from standardization of the process and standardization comes from making an honest attempt to inculcate the best international practices,” believes Sangita Jha, Founder & Director, JNJ Management Consultancy Services.

Often people want to go for certifications for business growth, tender participation or to get more revenue from new customers. What they inevitably fail to understand is to actually follow a stringent Quality Management System (QMS) so that they can reap the fruit of success on a continual basis.

Behind the scenes, most companies do not seem keen enough to implement standardized processes but are very well aware of the benefits. Companies must understand the core essence - Quality is a journey not a destination. The challenge here is that many are manipulating the documents and are getting the certifications done by means of unethical practices. However, there are a lot of good consultancy firms that are actually channelizing the process by educating companies about the importance of quality certifications and its implementations, to grow and sustain on a long run.

One such company that ideally fits in the picture is JNJ Management Consultancy Services(JNJ MCS). Based in Kolkata, JNJ is known to be one of the reputed firms that offers a wide array of certification services. As a noted service provider, the company provides reliable solutions for Management Consultancy, System Certification Consultancy, Product Certification, Training and Workshops Audit & GAP Analysis, CE Marking, ISO all series of standards, CSR, Sustainability consultancy and reporting, lean six sigma implementation, ZED certification 5S implementation, HR consultancy among others.

Changing Mindset- Transforming Business Ethics
‘Mujeh aaj ka business abhi karne do, kal kya hoga woh baad mein dekhte hain’. Most people succumb to the carefree attitude of running the business where they limit to the profit of earning profit for time being and are ignorant about the consequence that they are going to face in the future. As an avid speaker, Sangita explicates, “We all do business, and it should always have gentleness associated with it. The entire practices should be with a kind mind, and not only with the business mind. That is, business is collateral, but with your business, if you can contribute to the community or society & the planet, this changes everything for everyone. I am not saying in terms of donating, or volunteering, not that, whatever the companies are doing, it should have the element of quality & trust.”

JNJ Management Consultancy Services believes in its agenda of streamlining quality into the system, so that, it paves a perfect path for the future generation. “People only think in terms of keeping bank balance, property and establishing the business for their next generation. What they fail to understand here is; they are creating a world where the future generations cannot even have a good business practices to grow business or create a better planet to live in. Because of so many malpractices and unethical action, the future generation, 20 years down the line, will be living in a society which is corrupted by us in terms of people and planet.”

Sangita, a mother, a business women and a philanthropist, strongly feels that it is high time businesses foiled around the unethical practices, and start creating a good community, whereby everyone will be safe, secure, ethical, and attains peace of mind.

Another aspect is that people are very smart when it comes to manipulating the policies. Giving us the analogy and narrating the same, Sangita avers “Like how the helmet rules have been made strict, and the GST has been made compulsory. From Govt. end also, the quality should be made mandatory. Not only the certificate but also the evidence of practices in organizations has to be made compulsory. The monitoring mechanism has to be there. Then only, ten years down the line the country will understand the value of quality.”

Qualitative & Quantitative Value Addition to Client’s Business
Established in 2011,JNJ MCS consists of a team of professionals, who endeavours the best of their potential to make the service stand out from the rest. Before providing any certificates for products as well as companies, team JNJ conducts stringent field surveys to acquire in-depth knowledge about the project. In addition to this, the company ensures to execute the services without any hassle to its clients.

Over the years, JNJ MCS’s straightforward approach has accredited them a satisfied clientele that includes Power links (A JV of Tata power & Powergrid), Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd., CLW, Indian Railways Division, Nightingale Hospital, BM Birla Heart Research Centre, DIAL – Delhi International Airport Ltd., Calcutta High Court, Genius Consultants Ltd, CII, Hyatt Regency, AMUST Group, Ms. Donld’s Breweries Ind. Inc., Usha Martin - Ranchi, Bansal Cement, Niagra Water Solutions, Bangladesh Ministry of Industries, NIS Group, IITRADE, Gomes Elina Garments, Plastosen Ltd., ATO India Ltd., Aleena Solar, Classic Point Leather, Oil refineries - IOCL, HBPCL, Steel manufacturing companies, Leather industries, Garments industries and many more. And, before any project, the team goes through a tremendous healthy debate and brainstorming sessions, this way the team ensures to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the project. Sangita Jha emphasizing on the core strength of the company says “We comprise of a powerful combination of old and young people. The old generation helps us with their experience, and the young generation challenge it with new thoughts integrated with updated technology.”
She further states, “Because of our attitude of not manipulating but adding values, providing customized solutions and rapid response, we have managed to reach to this level and would continue doing so.”

JNJ MNC consists of a team of professionals, who endeavours the best of their potential to make the service stand out from the rest

Linking Sustainability with Basic & Advanced Engineering
In the year 2014 when Ms. Jha was submitting her Master Thesis paper on sustainability and Ethical management in Vienna, through a survey she came to understand that there are so many issues can be addressed through CSR activities. The most burning issue she found is water & drinkable water crisis in India & usage of electric energy adding to global warming.

Hence, with a passion to ensure drinkable water access to maximum citizens of India, JNJ Engineering set up to do tie-ups with different government bodies and Corporate firms to ensure fund for giving access of drinking water to people.

Today the company is working on projects related to Research and development of new low-cost automation technology, Implementation of ZED in the MSMEs, Solar technology, Arsenic and fluoride removal technologies, Water technology, Heatproof paint, Alkaline water technology, and Online documentation module.

Ensuring Basic Amenities to Under-privileged & Specially abled People of the Society
JNJ MCS apart from offering a gamut of services to its clients in the certification and consultancy space. Now, engineering services, the company takes immense pride in its commitment to deliver impeccable results to its clients. Extending the JNJ’s vision and mission to add value to the society, the company has started JNJ Foundation, which mainly focuses to serve the underprivileged social targeting, mainly on inmates girl child and women. “There are multiple issues slowing the progress, we are solving one, out of many, our focus is to help the jail inmate’s children, ensuring they get the right guidance, education and stand on their own feet for the betterment of this nation. Because of their parents, they lose social status and are forced to go into child labor, trafficking, and a lot of other unethical practices, where they become a pariah to the society. So, they have to be given essential grooming and trained to become a respectable citizen of this country,” asserts Sangita Jha.

Harnessing Growth for a Bright Future Ahead
Growing 100 percent YoY, JNJ MCS wants to remain ubiquitous in the certification, consultancy, and engineering domain. “Doing right thing the right way is the only way forward, that is, if you are going for a certification that is right! But ensures you do it the right way. Because doing business ethically and treating human with humanity is the only purpose in life,” concludes Sangita Jha, on a positive note.

Sangita Jha, Founder & Director, JNJ Management Consultancy Services
A self-made women entrepreneur, who comes from a humble beginning and a humongous experience and background across various segments. Sangita's entrepreneurial stint dates back to 2011 when she witnessed a huge gap during her corporate life where she was a lead auditor and majority of companies were not delivering effective services in the quality assurance sector. And, everything revolved around manipulations and unethical practices. So, realizing the importance of quality across segments she ventured into starting JNJ Management Consultancy Services.

Sangita is a certified lead auditor for ISO 9001:2008 from IRCA, UK conducted by SGS, certified lead Six Sigma Green & Black belt professional from IIMB, certified auditor and implementer on ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 26000 and OHSAS 18001, certified internal auditor and implementer on SA 8000 conducted by SGS, certified ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) professional IIBM, topper in Manager’s Orientation Course, ranked in top 10 young entrepreneurs in “Revolution India” in 2014 conducted, evaluated and selected by Mr. Sandeep Maheswari and his team of experts from IIT and IIM, and has been featured in numerous magazines as the “Women Business leaders in India”

Received title of "Inspiring stories of Indian woman business leader" by Insight success, an international magazine.

Received award from "Akash Barta" a news media from West Bengal as "Woman stands for social cause" for her contribution in community development.

JNJ Management Consultancy Services – Array of Services
• Managment Services
SA 8000, Business Continuity Plan, Lean Implementation, Six Sigma Application, CSR strategic project planning, CSR project implementation & monitoring, complain management System implementation,control room set-up for customers and employees, ISO all series of standards, Food safety, and hygiene practices, Re-engineering of management system, Security, safety, health, quality, energy, environment, hygiene, soft skill audits, NABL & NABH Consultancy, NSDC Consultancy, Total Quality Management, 5S Implementation, and Kaizen Application

• Consultancy Services
The Toyota Way - TPS, Waste identification & elimination of waste from the process, balance scorecard, ERP business model solution, business excellence, Research, Surveys &Analysis, CMS (Complain Management System), CRM Solutions, Problem Solving Mechanism, and RCS & CAPA

• Auditing & Reporting
GRI G4 reporting & Assurance, BRR reporting, NVG reporting, CSR reporting, Social & Buyer specific reporting, ISO any standards audit, 1st, 2nd & 3rd party audit and GAP analysis.

• Training & Workshops
Offers lead auditors course on any ISO standard, IRCA UK approved, soft skill training, Marketing, Organizational behavior, Corporate etiquettes, Work ethics, silos, Covey’s 7 good habits of effective managers, and Manager’s orientation course.