CSDM Solution: Grow, Protect & Manage Business Online

CIO Vendor As the world is attaining more and more digitization in every aspect, Digital Marketing is becoming a booming career option for many of the young innovative minds who want to explore themselves in the trending space. Such was the case of Chaitanya Sharma, a resident of Chandigarh who always believed in doing something different. While pursuing his engineering course Chaitanya was deeply influenced by the striking features of sales & marketing genre and noticed that the world of marketing strategies has evolved over the years. Thereafter, opting for a post graduation degree with a specialization in sales & marketing, he joined a Jaipur based firm. Gaining some experience and coming back to his hometown he decided to change his line from sales to product & software marketing. Meeting with a major accident and coming back again made him realize the hidden potential within him. After that, learning more from a nearby Institute and started off as a freelancer, he decided to establish CSDM Solution.

Effective Solutions, Better Results
Established in 2016, CSDM positions itself to be a full-service hands-on approach web, marketing & advertising agency that endeavours to develop a long term relationship with the customers with prospering efforts. Noticing that the internet has become a source of livelihood for businesses as it entitles as the easiest way for any business to gain popularity & increase the conversion leads, Chaitanya speaks, “Nowadays every business are in the dire need to promote themselves online but they land up mostly making the wrong choice in selecting an appropriate digital marketing agency. We at CSDM tend to be the right option for them and help them with effortless
solutions that lead towards conversion. Capacitating the brands to grow, protect & manage their online presence, the company today offers an array of services that include content writing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing, web development, social media optimization & others. Pinpointing digital marketing as the key essence, CSDM also aids the business to generate maximum RoI by promoting them through social media sites like facebook, publishing advertisement & more. Moreover, being a digital marketing agency with a unique perception, Chaitanya avers, “Many times we are depended on the overseas nations but we lag behind in terms of attracting the European & American investors towards our country. So to erase the huge existing gap we are coming out with the idea to help the freelancers. Our documentation procedure has already started and will soon be implementing in the coming months.” The company’s USP has always been the unique solution provider of digital marketing solutions imbibed with the latest software & mobile application technology available in the market and deliver optimum results in a cost-effective approach.

As a portal that is strong in terms of social media strategies and with the motto ‘Concentrate on Brand Value’, CSDM Solution tries to meet the expectation of the clients beyond their needs

Headquartered in Chandigarh and incepted as a two people company, CSDM today has a total of eight employees and has its branches in Himachal Pradesh & Zirakpur of Punjab province. As a portal that is strong in terms of social media strategies and with the motto ‘Concentrate on Brand Value’, the company tries to meet the expectation of the clients beyond their needs. The clientele of CSDM includes Crescendo, DermTech, Edward Life sciences & individual & SME’s. Explaining on the upcoming projects, Chaitanya concludes, “Currently, we are working on two projects. One is permitting the license for freelancers and the other is working on the trending concept of video editing. In the next three to four years we will try to work on the latest technologies and deliver the best results out of it.”