Siddhartha Shah & Associates: A Boutique Law Firm Providing End-to-End Legal Services

CIO Vendor Siddhartha Shah is an exceptional attorney and knows the law at its best. He is the member of Bombay Bar Association, Mumbai city civil & Sessions court’s Association, Ex secretary of family court Bar Association, Mumbai. More than anything he is also empanelled as the senior counsel for Union Govt. of India. His charismatic appearance in these courts has been appreciated and admired by his fellow juniors and colleagues in the legal community, and his dedication towards his work has paved a way to an all service legal firm called Siddhartha Shah & Associates, Mumbai, India.

From setting up a small office in Mumbai, in 1999, to becoming a representative of the Association of the European law firms, where they have 610 legal offices all across the world, today, Siddhartha Shah & Associates (SS&A) has carved a niche in the legal space by representing several clients of foreign law firms, overseas companies, inland companies, government bodies, firms, individuals, consultants, NRI’s and International bodies.

The Journey of a Professional Law Firm
Siddhartha Shah & Associates recognizes the value of providing full-service advisory to clients, right from day one they have sought to develop a range of practices, like Civil and Criminal litigations, International matrimonial laws, documentations & contracts, advisory, strategy and legal compliances. And, the advocates at SS&A handles legal matters irrelevant of the complexities of the issues, be it in the matters of contract conditions, commercial transactions, Arbitrations, property laws, construction laws, corporate law contracts, e-Commerce, software contracts, Media and entertainment laws, information technology laws, intellectual property laws, advising on the implications of the criminal laws and all aspect of general litigations among other matters.
Recalling the journey, Mr. Siddhartha Shah avers “We have always been professional since the very beginning, wherein, as far as our services are concerned, be it strategic planning, advisory to compliance related issues. We look at minimizing the issues for our clients. The clients can be anyone, any individual or a company, throughout our journey we have believed in the dispute resolution, how to solve the dispute and how we can minimize the clients’ liabilities by giving them a practical approach and real-time compliances and solutions.”

Siddhartha Shah & Associates having a lean team comprising of senior & junior attorneys and a bunch of paralegals who are bestowed upon providing quality services to its clients across the globe

The team specializes in in-depth legal research, drafting of the documents, which includes contractual law, joint ventures for all industries, alongside strategic planning, negotiating for and on behalf of the clients, and liaisoning with the government officials. Also specializing in Criminal as well as the Civil litigations, the firm handles domestic & International family litigations, be in terms of partitions suits, matrimonial laws, Indian & Trans international divorce laws, child custody and women's rights among others. Overall, the firm covers the entire gamut of services in the legal space.

Further Mr. Siddhartha adds “We have a team of eminent Associates who are constantly working on every aspect of law related issues. In fact, the recent law, which was passed regarding the property & real estate regulation, we give a complete advisory on RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act) as well.”

Most Comprehensive 24-hour,365 Days Service in the World
The firm has a lean team comprising of senior & junior attorneys and a bunch of paralegals who are bestowed upon providing quality services to its clients across the globe. The firm is available to its clients 24/7, irrespective of the urgency and requirement of the clients. “In addition to providing clients with innovative solutions to complex business and legal matters, we ensure to give the advice to minimize & resolve issues,” concludes Siddhartha on a positive note.