AKT Associates: Imparting Marketing, Accounting and Legal Expertise All In One

CIO Vendor There’s an old joke in the Accounting & Tax consultants circle,‘a consultant is one who takes the watch off your wrist and tells you the time’. While the watch analogy is entertaining, the Account & Tax consulting industry is far from being a 12-numbered 2 handed time teller. Businesses over the years have grown complex and the need for a professional handling the boxed math algorithms is imminent, And AKT Associates is a consultant who is making heavy inroads in this numbers driven sector.

AKT Associates was founded in 2005 with a motive to make compliance easy and affordable for start ups, small and micro businesses, and so that they can focus more on their core area of business instead of spending their productive time in complying endless compliances. Their reputation of being a major Accounting & Tax firm is becoming stronger by the day owing to the effective application of people process & technology to provide a plethora of services.

The firm’s services provide a comprehensive compliance offering which is named AKT-MACS where MACS stands for Monthly Automated Compliance Services which automates the complicated compliance procedures. Additionally AKT Associates offer value added services like Strategy advisory,IT Consulting, HR support, Marketing and Brand building consulting to help their clients scale up their business to the next level.

AKT Associates cater to clients of every size and at every phase of a
company's development and their progress. For start ups the firm assist in company formation, provides project consultation, aids in laying out the business blue print. In brief the firm plays the role of marketing expert, accounting expert and legal expert all in one. And following their motive the company has made numerous schemes available to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and helps them with VAT, Service tax, Excise etc.

AKT Associates cater to clients of every size and at every phase of a company’s development and progress

The Mumbai based organization has put concentrated efforts to make compliance easy and affordable for clients, specifically the start-ups as well as providing comprehensive all round services with their treatment of compliance as a part of business and disciplined follow ups. They have stayed unique through out in this competitive industry by providing customized services as per industry requirement and focusing on client growth. The firm delivers cost advantage, convenience, profitability and growth with their amplified use of expertise, experience and efficiency. Arun Tiwari, Chief Innovative Officer, AKT Associates speaking on the edge that the firm carries says,“In the past 10 years we were able to make our process efficient with the right blend of people, process & technologies which helps us to provide Big4 class of services at very affordable fees. With our VAS we have helped our clients stay focused on their core area, prevent tax & compliance litigation and helped them build their team and automate their daily regular processes.”

AKT Associates has touched the 1000 client landmark in March 2016 itself and currently handles 1146 clients supported by 6 offices and 13 associate offices spread over 14 cities in India. Their clientele consists of Lamiflex AB, Pelagia Marine Solutions, and Schneider etc. The firms plans to scale up their operations in 30 more cities of India and looks forward to plant their footprints in Europe, US and UK within next 3 years.