Sun Shine Global Hospital: Enhancing Healthcare Facilities and Specialties

CIO Vendor Any country’s progress is measured by the quality of its education and healthcare. India being the second most populous nation in the world, these two fields play a very important role in not just ascertaining quality of life of its citizens but also its economy as a whole. India is seeing a never-seen-before collective progress in every field, and healthcare is no exception.

The quality of healthcare and hospitals are on the rise, and more and more such ventures are sprouting every day, hinting at the market needs. Sunshine Global Hospitals Group (SGH) is the result of such an influx. Operating out of Gujarat, SGH got started in 2003 from Baroda Hospital. Currently, they have three properties in Vadodara, one in Bharuch and the largest and latest one in Surat.
SGH has on its panel some very renowned names and is promoted by well-known practitioners Dr. Bhikhubhai Patel and Dr. Rajiv Shah. They are the largest growing organization in their space and pursuing to become the leading healthcare providers in western India.
The journey began with the goal of bringing quality healthcare facilities to Gujarat with greater amount of professionalism. Super-specialty hospitals were yet to the norm back then and it took a great deal of gusto to set out with such a vision.
“Sunshine Global Hospitals Group offers a world of good Health through a number of multispecialty hospitals in major cities of Gujarat. We have developed a transparent doctor- patient relationship, and are providing the best tertiary-care centres for the public,” elaborates Neeraj Lal, COO of the SGH Group.But, a vision of such magnitude is bound to come with its fair share of initial hardship. Fund-flow was excruciatingly slow in the beginning, but since engaging with Piramal Group-owned Private Equity-India Ventures, operations have got smoother. With the progress made in the last few years, SGH are trendsetters of sorts as they introduced a CathLab at their Manjalpur unit and their focus is firmly on tertiary-care services in form of specialized BOMS clinics apart from services on offer at the hospitals.

All the five hospitals boast of internal-standard infrastructure and services. There are more than 550 beds across these state-of-art properties and about 75 full-time consultants are available, over and above medical & paramedical staff of 450. In total SGH has over 1200 employees on their payroll. Noteworthy highlights of SGH are their cardiologic units with specialized professionals available round the clock. Burns Care and Critical Care units which have high success rates, technological innovations in the field of cardio-vascular tests, scans and even beds. All this and more makes SGH stand out from the crowd and has enabled them to carve a niche for themselves in this fast-growing competitive market. They are emerging as the prospective market leader in their space.

Looking ahead, Neeraj Lal ambitiously adds, “The journey so far has been quite humbling. We are committed to provide the best quality of healthcare and that has been vindicated by our clients by making us the fastest growing organization in the field. Our Surat dream hascoming to life and by 2017, we plan to start operations in Vapi, Rajkot and Ahmedabad. We are looking at growing our capacity to 1000 beds by then.”