RPG Ventures: Providing Vital Branding & Marketing Insight to the Healthcare Industry

CIO Vendor In a highly competitive market like India, Branding and Certification has been gaining significance lately. What it creates is an equity and consciousness towards the product or services being offered by the concerned company, thereby impacting business positively. In order to satisfy this need healthcare companies Ravindra Pratap Gupta founded RPG Ventures, a consultancy in the field of Medical Branding, Banking and making ISO Certifications available. Headquartered at Navi Mumbai, the company started operations with the intention of catering to the media-marketing, branding and PR needs of the healthcare industry. The bigger companies in the space don’t look into all facets of healthcare which need closer scrutiny, while smaller firms that are coming up with first generation entrepreneurs don’t have the necessary knowhow about healthcare sector. This is an anomaly that the vast experience of Ravindra and the rest of the RPG team in healthcare industry make them eradicate and their knowledge and endeavor suit the industry better.
According to Ravindra, the healthcare industry is still in its nascent stage in India. Hospitals and clinics are still seen as the last resort. Hence, the need for health insurances and wellness checkups are deemed secondary. It’s primarily for this reason that doctors and hospitals do not feel the need for full-fledged marketing and branding yet. RPG intends to bust that myth and bring a change in the outlook.
The industry has been evolving and it’s recognizing the prospects of a detailed set of services like Sales & Marketing Planning,
Support and Implementation, Branding & PR Planning, Quality Accreditations and Medical Tourism. The major challenge initially faced by RPG was the scepticism of the doctors and healthcare industry as a whole.

Most rivals in the space don’t operate in a big number of segments that RPG does, and hence, the scale of operations give them a sure-shot headstart over the competitors

Therefore, they started providing services first and charged the clients later. Also, the lucrative ISO 9001:2008 accreditation helped them garner a greater share of market. Services and solutions provided by RPG include recruitment & training of manpower, social media marketing, logo, banners, pamphlets, brochure designing, organizing promotional events, health camps and conferences, ensuring media coverage, arranging corporate and insurance tie-ups, ensuring and updating certifications and licences, making healthcare in India more lucrative for international patients, and portfolio up-gradation and management.
RPG is only still operating out of Mumbai, but they have grand plans. Most rivals in the space don’t operate in such a big number of segments that RPG does, and hence, the scale of operations give them a sure-shot head-start over the competitors. This certainly makes them more viable and attractive than the competitors. “Our scale of work, experienced professionals and satisfied customers in build up process is meant to grow our market impact. At RPG, our motto is positive RoI for our clients and that augurs well for the industry as a whole,” Ravindra said. The company has successfully conducted affiliation and camps for SevenHills Hospital for State Schemes as RGJAY. They also set up India’s first Cardiac Network, CAN, with renowned cardiologist Dr Amit Garg, working on complete strategy and assisting in getting affiliation for outsourcing. “We have focused on established companies and start-ups alike. We planned and executed marketing and branding for more than 50 specialists in a span of less than a year. Our achievement is our clients’ satisfaction,” Ravindra elucidated.
RPG is opening office in Delhi in 2015, and it will cater to northern territories. Also, an increased team size shall cover all metros and tier-11 towns by end of 2016, and RPG intends to explore global markets by 2019. The company is aiming a turnover of 25 Cr in next 3 years and generate international funding for fast mode expansion.