Metro Zone Health Services:Bringing Dynamism to Healthcare Management

CIO Vendor Healthcare sector is expanding and diversifying, so is the need for healthcare management. Metro Zone Health Services dba METRO ZONE GROUP, is a healthcare management organization that assists healthcare Providers with specialized services, such as Cashless Mediclaim Processing and Co-ordination (Resulting in high claim approval rates and faster claim processing, thus improved revenue), Medical Record Management, Medico-Legal Consulting, Healthcare Management IT Services and Health Cards.

Metro Zone was founded in 2012 at Indore, by Rajnish Jaiswal, Managing Director & CEO, with a team of experienced quality and skilled professionals which consists of an eclectic mix of doctors and mediclaim domain experts.
The Mediclaim sector is one of the fastest growing industry in India. It has witnessed about 32% of the Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) since 2005 and has grown at 445% until 2011 and estimating more 300% of rise by the end of year 2015.

Under the present scenario of mediclaim services, several reports have indicated that many cashless preauthorisation applications suffer from high level of rejections (over 45-50%). Cashless mediclaim includes a number of specialized processes and sub processes, tracked by stringent timelines. Metro Zone examines any anomalies or bottle neck in the process or documentation to provide hassle-free claim processing for their clients.

At inception, the company faced a number of challenges. “Initially, it was difficult to convince the healthcare providers to have faith in our hasslefree
deliverable and the positive impact to payment timelines , as most of them were ill-informed and sceptical or were not interested in providing cashless mediclaim facility at all.” Rajnish says. The company slowly gained momentum by disbursing stuck payments of hospitals by taking up such cases with insurance companies, including reopening of written-off cases and created a smooth cashless process which has improved hospital revnue as well.
Over the years, Metro Zone has successfully achieved faith with their work and got high percentage of new clients through referrals in different cities and turned themselves into a profitable organization. Reliable services, reasonable pricing and confidentiality are facets that Metro Zone Health pride themselves for.

Few highlights of Metro Zone workstyle :

•The procedural formalities and documentation for cashless mediclaim cases is done by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals deputed at the cashless desk of the hospital.

•Their team interacts directly with the concerned insurance company in order to help the patient get immediate attention and hassle-free paperwork.

•In cases where applicable, the medico-legal services assist healthcare providers in procurement of dues or contest a legal suit in order to recover such outstanding dues. Their unique value proposition is their ability to marry consulting with execution.

Metro Zone Health has built extensive capabilities and insights for smooth cashless mediclaim processes and became the ‘’PREFERRED PARTNER’’ in the healthcare industry. “We provide our exclusive services in Mediclaim Processing, Business Development and Medico-legal & Risk services. Our team of highly qualified experienced medical professionals, healthcare consultants and healthcare business professionals are committed to meet the needs of our clients,” elucidated Rajnish, while highlighting the uniqueness of Metro Zone. Hard work and pursuit of excellence that has seen Metro Zone Health emerge as a trusted partner to most of the highly satisfied clients at Kanpur, Patna , Bhopal , Indore , Nagpur. This is testified by their co-branded healthcard venture with Emeditek Group, among others. The company has also got exclusively designed premium Health Insurance facility from New India Assurance Co. for their members.

Looking ahead, Rajnish ambitiously concludes, “Under our expansion program we intend to start operations at Ranchi, Bokaro, Tatanagar, Agra, Bijnor, Meerut, Dehradun, Ahemdabad, Surat, Nashik and entire Vidarbha by the end of 2015.