Invest Advise: An Indefatigable Guardian of Wealth

CIO Vendor "Sentiments – People always invest on sentiments” quotes Sachin Gupta.Post demonetization, NRIs across the globe were in a dilemma because most news channels were projecting demonetization as the worse thing to have happened to Indian economy. Though the Government decision had a positive impact on India’s economy, the foreign investors& NRIs were still reluctant to invest and put their investments on hold.

One company that envisaged the demonetization episode as a positive reform for investment landscape in India and instrumental in changing the entire perspective of NRIs about the myriad possibilities of investing in India is Noida headquartered ‘Invest Advise.’ “We are ethical & transparent to our client’s needs and requirements because most of our clients don’t reside in India. We manage their wealth based on their requirements. We want the NRI clients to look at India as an investment destination for their long-term financial goals because Indian market has the ability to generate 15-20 percent returns.At the same time a fast growing economy offers multitude of options whetting the appetite as per individual’s risk appetite.We have justified why one should invest their money back in India,” avers Sachin Gupta, Founder & CEO, Invest Advise.

Growth–the Invest Advise Way!

Established in 2012, Invest Advise has carved a niche for itself in the wealth management space. In a short span of time, they have served close to 700+ clients across geographies.
As of last year, they have consolidated portfolio close to 550 Crores and this financial year, they have a turnover growth of 30 percent, which is close to 700 Cr.

“Invest Advise, in a short span of time has served close to 700+ clients across geographies”

The massive transformation of Invest Advise’s growth has been possible because of their relationship with the clients and a transparent and proactive approach. Mr. Gupta further adds “We do a lot of research work before giving the product to our clients. We take clients need into account and match it the product structure to ensure suitability and maximize productivity. After demonetization and GST came into the picture, our focus will be on those segments, which will benefit our clients RoI.”

Invest Advise is offering a bouquet of services to its clients including financial planning, real estate services, loans & mortgages, tax planning advisory and wealth management. In addition to this, they educate clients about the different asset classes, risk involvement, and product structure before letting clients invest in these products. They have conducted many seminars and presentations across the globe to attract prospective NRI investors to India.,

Pillars of Success

The 20 member team at Invest Advise is a solid pillar of organization. The Director Nitin Garg (an alumnus of IIT & IIM)& Mr. Shubhranshu Garg aka Shubh come from a rich industry background in various segments across geographies. This has helped the company boost their success story even more. “We have clients all across the globe. In the next 5 years, our target will be to achieve 1500 Crores. Currently having offices in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Noida, we will be expanding our presence in all metro cities. Also, we will be adding more products& services to our portfolio, so that our clients can leverage on unearthed opportunities,” concludes Sachin.