J J Design Innovations: Better Designs, Innovative Ideas and Sustainable Products

CIO Vendor The Indian Medical Devices segment is valued at $4.9 billion and is expected to reach $17.6 billion by 2020. From the domestic perspective, there have been various regulatory and innovative changes in the sector leading to a shift in the industry’s structure, conduct and performance. However, in the last few years the Medical Devices industry has seen unprecedented growth going at a healthy rate of 17 percent and is fore casted to maintain this form over the next decade.India is one of the top 20 markets for Medical devices in the world due to the socio-economic factors such as increase in healthcare spending, potential for insurance coverage, increase in doctor’s density and a rising un-served population. These factors are not only driving the Medical Devices industry but also welcoming a new crop of Start-ups and MNCs to satisfy the demand for sophisticated devices and equipment. And one of them is J J Design Innovations (JJD), an organization that is flowing with the tide to bring about a revolution in the Medical Devices industry.

Foundedin 2012, JJDsought out to affect better designs, innovative ideas and produce sustainable products and services. As Jugal Parekh, Co-founder and Project Lead atJJD says, “We are a team of young and innovative medical design engineers and domain experts, with experience pulled in from 4 countries to provide our services for healthcare transformation for a better tomorrow.”The firm caters to melee of sectors, including Orthopaedic implants, Surgical Instruments, IVDs, Rehabilitation Engineering, Occupational Therapy, and Health IT. With a core team consisting of individuals of varied experiences and academia, it ensures the end product is both feasible and innovative drawing from their creativity and practicality.

Indian healthcare sector is standing at an intersection of hospitality and healthcare where a flow of expertise from both the industries meet to fill the gaps of ultra-luxurious healthcare set up

The four year old company comprising of designers and medical engineers from different backgrounds is focused on delivering and developing products utilizing the latest technology and applying in-depth research to integrate into the client’s business strategy.JJ Design’s range of services and respective products include - Research & Study services, where various research techniques are employed to serve every stakeholders needs and also detailed engineering analysis is carried out. Design & Development, where a total design approach is applied considering the needs of the manufacturer, regulatory body, healthcare professional and the end user. Clinical services, where Rehabilitation engineering & Occupational Therapy consultancy is provided. And Health IT, the firm works with collaborators to design and develop smarter and better healthcare systems. Their projects are viz., Open making wheel chair, NHS Rehabilitation Engineering Support, Ergonomic Studies, Biomedical Engineering, HIMS for Multi-specialty hospital, Rapid IVD Device Design etc.

Although, a relatively young firm in terms of experience in the perennially volatile market, J JDesign Innovation has approached this deficit and embraced it with open arms, to build a client and collaborator base encompassing five countries – UK, USA, Canada, UAE and India. The firm is currently associated with collaborators like NHS, Orthopedic Implant Company, Active Design, Adler Mediequip, and Medmira.J J Design’s well-defined, flexible and client-centric approach has paid hugedividends so far and Jugal Parekh surely hopes to keep it that way with plans to establish themselves as a trusted brand in the healthcare sector.