Go Consulting: All things Telecom & More : A Boutique Consulting Firm

CIO Vendor Having spent great many years as an employee there was a passion to do something that let Vinoo Pathros Matthai be the master of his own time by age 40. Having spent most of his working life in Telecom industry, right from the days of bidding for the first set of cellular licenses in India to the almost 100 percent cellular penetrated India across various companies starting with Corporate planning in Sanmar electronics to the last stint at Vodafone India as its India head for Postpaid Marketing, all he knew was telecom. The experience and knowledge gained could easily be imparted to a whole lot of smaller Companies & SMEs and that was the Eureka moment that led to the foundation of Go Consulting. Go consulting started as a recruiter for Vodafone by accident thanks to the efforts of a colleague at Vodafone . Success in this helped them to scale into consulting areas

An Array of Services

Business & Revenue consulting : SME’s & Smaller companies in areas like setting up sales & distribution, Go to market, Entire Business structuring & launch, Competition handling , Advertising & promotion strategies. Range of companies that deal with power tools, Broadband, LED bulbs, Consumer goods, UK university international office , Online Fish retailing etc.

Resourcing : consciously focused only on Vodafone as a sole client

The best part of being an entrepreneur is that one is master of one’s time & is limited only by what dreams one sets for one self

Telecom Expense management : Helping small & large companies & even individuals optimize their telecom spends for Home & Work .

Education & Training : Telecom marketing is unique in the sense that it focuses more on Revenue generation & management more than brand & communication . Again a unique skill set they have

The Silver Lining

The strength behind Go Consulting lies in their team who holds unparalleled knowledge on telecom & marketing. They have a sister concern that Vinoo’s wife Sheela runs for UK education called Graduate overseas & that gives them tremendous student & youth insights which is of great help in the consulting business .

Over the years, the company has carved a niche for as a boutique consulting firm and have added prestigious clients to its client base that includes Vodafone, University of Northampton in the UK, Airtel, Asianet Broadband ( Rajan Raheja group ), amongst others.

Discussing about the future strategies, Vinoo enthusiastically says, “A key area of our focus would be broadband and virtual network space. Digital marketing is another area where we plan to make our presence. We are looking at opportunities to further enhance the work we do with Vodafone. We are looking at adding one more client to our resourcing vertical. Consulting opportunities keep coming to us through referrals and we are planning to add partners to scale this up.”