Shamkris Global: A Driving Force in Business

CIO Vendor Though ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used quality standards across the world, yet it is unfortunate to realize that Indian customers lack the awareness of its importance in the manufacturing industry. Consumer are bound to act rationally, they must have a reasonable level of responsibility while exercising choice and entering into transactions in the market place. But it is saddening to know that customers in several parts of India still lacks the basic responsibility, information and they are certainly not quality concerned about the products. Shyam Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director, Shamkris Global, also noticed the challenges faced by the customers in the purchasing market. They have very less awareness about the process to achieve certificate, license, documents and acceptability of ISO and its benefits of implementation. They lack the knowledge of the competition of the market, industry requirements and how certificates in the present day are more purchased than claimed. Thus, understanding the requirements of the customers Shyam established Shamkris Global in 2004. “We started our journey with Management System Consultancy, i.e., ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, 27001, 22000, SA 8000 & BSCI. Shamkris has achieved Certification Body Status in the Year 2011 with Canadian Board. Starting off with the motive to launch it as a global brand, today Shamkrishas certified more than 2000 organizations, not only in India but also across countries like South Africa, USA, UK, Australia, Congo, Fiji and Middle East etc.”, expresses Shyam.

The Journey to Success

As it is known that success does not come easy, Shamkris too faced a lot of road blocks in it's initially journey. It was a one man company with very less amount of funding and no market support when it was established.
But it was Shyam's immense knowledge and continuous learning about the industry that has made Shamkris achieve its goals. Fortunately, the hard work paid off and today Shamkris is accepted worldwide as a global brand with the concept of ‘Learn & Earn’. “I am trained for SA 8000, HACCP, CE mark Medical Devices & Machinery Directive, NABH, NABL, SIX Sigma, Kaizen and 5S. With that knowledge in hand, today I am the leading trainer for 9001: 2015, 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007. ISO 13485: 2016, ISO 27001: 2013, ISO 22000: 2005”, adds Shyam with pride. Shamkris with its extraordinarily talented Chairman created a team of experienced professionals; and the guidance of Ruchi Sharma, SumitJoshi, GouriShanker Sharma, KishanRaithata, SupriyaParab, Manisha Mabian, AkshataKolwankar and DilipAgashehad ledthe company to cater to leading names of the industry. They are currently working with almost 15 to 20 percent growth every year.

“Shamkrishas certified more than 2000 organizations, not only in India but also across countries like South Africa, USA, UK, Australia, Congo, Fiji and Middle East etc.”

Headquartered in Mumbai, Shamkris is named after ‘Sham’ and ‘Krishna’. Hence, with the sheer blessings and their hard work since 2005 it has successfully tied up with Certification Body DAS (UKAS) to provide the complete range of certification. It provides entire business license to the companies like, Shop act, Factory License, Pollution,Apeda, Agmark, NSIC, DGS&D, FDA, FSSAI, Hospital License, Storage and MNRE. They have further started consultancy and advisory for NABH, NABL, NABET and NURSING. “Providing three level of process to our customers namely, documentation, training and implementation, we are planning to earn a revenue of 10 crore by 2020. More over, we at Shamkris are planning to tie up with International Inspection Agencies and Certification to outreach globally”, concludes Shyam.