Progressive Management Consultants: Where Systems lead to Excellence

CIO Vendor Quality Management System is considered to be an integral part of any organization, be it small, midsize or a large conglomerate. Although many small businesses may not have large resources available to put into quality management, it can still be done effectively. Effective QMS are rigorous processes, which are able to continually increase the economic and quality value of products and services. They work to enhance the experience of the customers, which, for a small business, is essential when it comes to ensuring customer retention.

Quality management systems not only provide a structure for doing things properly, efficiently and effectively, they aid both short and long term strategies to help a business run smoothly, whatever the size of the business.Businesses that go through the ISO 9001 QMS certification process have the aim to maximize the efficiency and quality of their processes.

Progressive Management Consultants, an India based consultancy helps businesses get instant recognition as quality producers or service providers and assist organizations in establishing documentation, implementation and maintaining a management system and continually improve its effectiveness that is in accordance with the requirements of International standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, BS 25999 and CE Marking. The firm works with companies that are struggling with a bottom line or companies that wish to improve their bottom line.

The Foundation of Progressive Management Consultants

The inception story of Progressive Management Consultants is one of perseverance and entrepreneurship. The journey dates back to 2000 in Goa, a time when expertise in ISO was unavailable and consultants had to be appointed from neighboring states, which naturally was time and cost effective.Observing the gap and the need to bridge it, Santosh Nair, with several years of experience of ISO documentation and implementation and working experience in large organizations in Mumbai, Tarapur and Goa,was encouraged to help and guide several business setups for ISO implementation & that led to setting up a full-fledged consultancy firm in Goa that would help companies get certified to various ISO standards & CE Marking.

“When Progressive Management Consultants started its operations in Goa, the major difficulty faced by us was the misconception that ISO was meant only for manufacturing companies and not for any service sectors. It took a lot of enlightening and convincing to the various sectors, educating them on the importance and relevance of various ISO standards to all types of sectors. The awareness soon started growing and then rest is history. Today, we can proudly boast of our illustrious clienteles which includes manufacturing firms, real estate, clinics,charitable trust, security firms, educational institutes, international airport, traders / dealers, hospitals, software firms, to name a few,” explains Santosh. They have successfully joined hands with 500 and more organizations all over India and abroad. viz, Suzlon, Binani, HPCL, Airport Authority of India, Inox Wind, ALIMCO, Institute of Ship Building Technology, NUSI Maritime and Institute of Maritime Studies to name a few.

Standing out in the Crowd

Progressive Management has reached to a remarkable height today with its customized and one stop shop services. They have solutions to every requirement related to ISO standards in their basket. They offer broadly four areas of services, namely, Consultancy, Training, Continual Improvement Package and Certification through various certification bodies.
Their consultancy services are made for the organizations who intend to build up a system. PMC here escorts them to acquire certification to various international ISO standards, like, ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consultancy, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 22000 Food Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System, ISO 3834 Welding Techniques, ISO 13485 Medical Devices, and so on.

PMC Have Successfully Joined Hands With 500 and More organizations All Over India And Abroad

In their services of training they select experienced instructors in the fields of system development, system maintenance and system implementations thereby providing high quality training on various subjects related to ISO standards. More over, understanding the limitations of small organizations with limited manpower, who desires to make their organization an ISO certified, PMC has come with a service called Continual Improvement Package. In this, they provide customized low cost service package to already certified companies by helping them improve further on a continual bases & assist them in conducting Internal Audits, Management Review Meetings, Continual Improvement, Objectives and Record Maintenance for their client’s benefit.

And at last, under their Certification services they help and ensure their clients on acquiring customized certification body based on their requirement and budget. “We at PMC exclusively cater to the individual needs of the organization and customize the implementation with a practical approach. Our team’s goal is to provide a level of service that contributes to the success of our customers by ‘helping them to help themselves’ in achieving the quality and continual improvement and cost reduction goals of their businesses”, adds Santosh.

In this fast pacing globalization, organizations look for consultancies that provide end to end solutions under the same roof. They desire to opt for a simpler, workable customized solution for developing management systems for their organization. Considering the scenario, the team PMC having more than 16 years of experience in this industry and by the virtue of their expertise in all sectors, ensure that the clients implement the procedure easily and flawlessly. Their continual improvement package has been accepted as an innovative approach through out the industry and embraced by various organizations globally. Taking pride of their PAN India presence, Santosh avers, “Our presence in Pan India in various types of markets helps us to serve clients from different places with a local touch. It is indeed a matter of pride for us that we have grown with the ‘word of mouth’ and not by extensive advertisement. Our exclusive services are our milestones which make our customers to refer us to rest of the market.”

Over the years PMC has left no stone unturned to excel their services in this industry by extending their services to the best of their ability. They ensure that their clients get access to their need with respect to his requirements and capability. With such strong team of dedicated professionals and flawless execution of services, they have offices in different parts of the country thus adding a localized solution to the client’s needs. Their asset is their expertly groomed team who are aligned to the purpose of the organization ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction. Today apart from Mumbai and Goa, they have offices in Delhi, Chandigarh, Patna, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Vellore, Virudhunagar, Chennai, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Gurgaon, and Coimbatore. PMC for the six consecutive years have been awarded the all India training contract of Suzlon Group for its various ISO standards. Adding onto their future plans Santosh concludes, “We are planning to have offices overseas and cater to all major nations across the globe. We at PMC further aim to form an exclusive training resource center involving professionals from all streams to facilitate effective trainings with in organizations.”