Medury Global: Upholding the Highest Standards of Customer Service

CIO Vendor Entrepreneurship amongst women has been a recent concern. Women have become aware of their existence, their rights and their work situation. In this dynamic world, women entrepreneurs are an important part of the global quest for sustained economic development and social progress. The development of women entrepreneurship has become an important aspect of governments plan priorities. Several policies and programs are being implemented for the development of women entrepreneurship in India. There is a need for changing the mindset towards women so as to give equal rights as enshrined in the constitution.

The growth and development of any country depends upon how well woven its resources are, be it physical, financial or human. Women form an essential part of the human resource of any country. They make a sustained effort towards its development. The entrepreneurial scenario in India has changed over the years. India has witnessed a splurge in women entrepreneurs in the last decade. Overcoming the barriers of the patriarchal society existing in the country, women have come forward and proved that they too have the capabilities and innovative thinking to start their own business. One such extraordinary woman is Sabina Medury, Director, Medury Global.

Sabina started her entrepreneurial career with a dream of doing some thing independently. She has several years of experience starting with her professional career in the hotel industry working with the Taj Group of hotels. This helped her incredibly from building self confidence and grooming to customer relations and guest delight. Though she did not work for a long time in this profession, yet it helped her to realize her areas of interest. Soon after that she went on to complete her MA in Public Relations and a Diploma in Mass Communications. With her parent’s support and blessings, she was able to get into a Multinational Financial company, which turned out to be the turning point of her career.
“I stayed on for almost 11 years climbing the corporate ladder, migrated a process from UK as a part of the operations team, then moved into the Learning and Development team, HR and finally into Project Management space. These years gave me the opportunity to realize my true potential and discover myself and know what I wanted. Soon after that I joined my dad in the entrepreneurial entity. I absorbed the nuances of entrepreneurship from him and tried to blend them with my corporate lessons; which led to the establishment of Medury Global Corporate Services under Medury Global Inspection Services India Pvt. Ltd (MGIS). I spearhead the Learning and HR consultancy. The various other services Medury started working on are Third Party Cargo Inspections, Quality Certifications and Chartered Engineering services”, added Sabina.

“Women have risen in a big way as nurturers to contribute to the development of the world”

The Best of Both Worlds

Sabina being a mother of two, she has always taken care of the women employees of Medury Global. They have flexible timings and the advantage of selecting the project of their choice to suit their timings. They are allowed to be as creative as possible in their working. According to Sabina, women have risen in a big way as nurturers to contribute to the development of the world. Women, who are both mother and a professional, usually are more motivated and driven to care for their society with the equal passion with which they do for their homes. They inherit the skill to balance these two worlds; through which they develop into stronger, confident and effective women and better citizens of the country. On asking about her personal mantra to balance both personal and professional life, she says, “My key to success is to invest time in physical and mental health and the rest just falls into place.”

Sabina, the exceptional woman she is, has strived to build herself with a lot of challenges coming her way. During her tough days, she believed in connecting with more number of people, which helped her to build a long term client relationship. She also believed in the right attitude towards her work; the openness to learn (completed an Executive MBA), awareness of the fact that everybody has something unique to offer and that there is enough in the world for every one.