Gupta Associates: Persevering through Income Tax & Sales Tax challenges

CIO Vendor The hardest thing to understand in the world is Income Tax’ – Albert Einstein. Hard to believe but one of the brightest minds the world has seen found it difficult to perceive the various intended interpretations Income Tax and the related subjects posed. Accounting & Tax, a discipline largely known to consist of only additions and subtractions, still eludes an industrialists or a common man’s sense. S. R. Gupta defying conventional wisdom incepted Gupta Associates, an Accounting & Tax firm in the year 1975 in a state (then Bihar) ironically infamous for corrupted numbers.

The organization was founded with a basic objective to empower the businessmen in one of the backward state of the country with their accounting acumen. The objective extends towards giving service regarding all the Taxation matters in the state. Vikash Kumar Gupta, Tax Consultant, Gupta Associates says “We solve the challenges our clients face with subject to Income Tax, Jharkhand VAT, Central Sales Tax, Jharkhand Professional tax etc.” The firm provides exceptional service with a strong conviction of satisfying the clients’ needs and necessities. Their services are sought for various Legal, Commercial and Taxation complications.

The 40-year old company through their valuable services has helped the clients to improve and grow leading to higher profitability and have acted as an incubator in developing right solutions by looking at the size and scale of the client. Gupta Associates with their services have been successful with their services which include Sales Tax/VAT (Online Registration filing, Online Return filing, Assessment Document Preparation), Jharkhand VAT under CST and Jharkhand Professional Tax. Under Income tax services, the firm offers Loan Papers Preparation and E-TDS.
The firm specializes in a lot of areas related to the financial sector as a whole viz. Auditing, Accounting, Income Tax filing preparation and Tax consultancy services for not only the big corporate but also to the Small & Medium scale businesses, Large corporations and the individuals too at an affordable price. “Our services are sought for various commercial, legal and taxation complications. We have sound support of all kinds of resources to offer the best taxation services to our clients and a team of professionals who are expert in various educational backgrounds like commerce, law and accounts,” Vikash proudly says.

“Gupta Associates caters to its client not only through its minefield of services but also ensures implementation and execution with their robust customer support service”

The Dhanbad based firm has continuously brick by brick strived to grab a strong identity in the market and continues to do so. The firm now is firmly placed in the market with the sharp monitoring and quality client serving policy adopted under the central leadership of Vikash Kumar Gupta. The team comprising of Tax consultants, Advocates, Financial advisors offers Business Taxation Services to the Manufacturers, Traders, Dealers and Service providers all over the country. With their expertise and in-depth knowledge, the company has developed and delivered solutions and exceeded expectations in the global marketplace and carved a niche for themselves with their relentless work rate. Gupta Associates caters to its client not only through its minefield of services but also ensures implementation and execution with their robust customer support service. However, the firm's unrelenting efforts have enabled them to carve a niche and add more names to their clientele; which includes ALATOM India Ltd.,B Q India, Alaknanda Sponge Iron, Vasava Engineering, Phiga Infratech and many more. In the years to come Gupta Associates aims to expand their services and focus on the ramifications the recently passed Goods & Services Tax Bill would bring.