Team Pumpkin: Helping Businesses to Grow Online & Produce Real-World Results

CIO Vendor The world of marketing has seen a great revolution in past few years whether it is advertising, promotions or sales. According to a recent study, internet penetration in India is yet to cross 16 percent of the population, however in absolute number this percentage works out to nearly 10 times the population of Australia! This digital boom in India has paved way for the corporate sector to explore and embrace digital transformations. Today, organizations have started looking for more interesting and informative things on the internet that can help them create value. The biggest challenge confronting any brand in today’s digital world is to carve their own niche in an over cluttered space. Not everyone in the market can utilize this modern arena for marketing without proper guidance in digital world and not everyone can guide organizations to hits the bull’s eye with ease. When the digital boom happened, there were only few organizations in India, which foresaw this green pasture. Founded in 2012, Team Pumpkin is one such organization that nourishes and aids corporations to flourish in the digital world.

The Beginning

Hailing from the Retail and Analytics background, Team Pumpkin has been at the forefront, when it comes to witnessing the ongoing consumer behaviour changes with regard to the digital revolution. It was the time when brands blindly started following market trends and facsimile others, which ended up in compromising their brand value. “We realize that while some brands were intelligent when it came to establishing their digital media presence, many others were still struggling with basics in this newly formed media universe. There came the idea of Team Pumpkin, which is an amalgamation of Digital Expertise, Creative Thinking and Flawless Execution,” says Ranjeet Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder, Team Pumpkin. In the beginning, with techniques that revolve around product perception and brand, the firm tired to decipher and understand the brand ethics, values, founding principles, products, services and key team. “Later, we put these thoughts in our digital expertise arena. The concoction of all this yields amazing results – where brand fan base gets multiplied, not lost in the clutter,” adds Swati Nathani, CBO and Co-Founder, Team Pumpkin.

According to the founders, most of the clients were not very specific about their identity and KPI’s were lost or Return on Investment’s was not met. However, as a full-service digital marketing agency, Team Pumpkin determined their goals, developed a strategic plan and then worked with them to create a way to help them measure success. Today, the firm is has a team of more than 70 member with offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon, offering integrated services to enterprises and brands.
The Pumpkin Services

Yes, when it comes to offering and aiding clients to being digital, Team Pumpkin delivers it in Pumpkin size! The firm is not just an agency, but a partner in true sense offering a host of differentiation factors ahead of their cumber some competitors. Built on the solid foundation of dedication and hard work, Team Pumpkin is a power bank of human and technological resources, which are constantly getting updated with time and more diverse work. By offering customized solutions by making use of the technology, the firm craves a niche and caters to every client personally and dedicatedly. “Team Pumpkin offers complete PR and Digital services solutions to companies across verticals and industries. With our success in helping companies achieve great results in the online space, we have now taken the leap into offline marketing mediums, as well,” says Ranjeet.

Whether it is a start-up or a major brand, team Pumpkin works with a transparent and integrated approach where client’s business ambitions take centre stage

No two entities are same and therefore,there is no one formula of success for all, this is what Team Pumpkin believes in. Apart from being at its creative best, Team Pumpkin blends it with proper analysis and logic to deliver what most others will only ponder over. “Our forte is amalgamating the best resources and latest technology giving path breaking performances to our clients, always. It is the fine blend of offline and online execution, which we follow, so that our clients can make the most of what is available,” Swati explains. Being a phase changer in the sector the firm devises customized solutions and strategies for every brand and enjoys approaching things in a refreshing and non-convoluted manner, with a key focus on delivering growth and real-world business results to the clients.

“We have been blessed with an amazing team, which values our vision, strategies and commitments. For any entity in service industry, the team contributes to 90 percent of the success and so is our case. The rest 10 percent is a result of opportunities we get, our amazing clients who give us the opportunity to work with them, who help us learn day-in, day-out and honesty that we bring to the table,” Ranjeet explains. Whether with a start-up or major brand, the firm works in a transparent and integrated approach where client’s business ambitions take centre stage. Catering to industry giants and novices, Team Pumpkin’s client list is expansive and colossal which includes; Snapdeal, Ola Cabs, Big Bazaar, FreeCharge, Jashn, India First Life Insurance, Foodhall, Nilkamal Group, etc.

The Future Plans

With years of digital marketing expertise to create innovative, game-changing digital marketing strategies that help clients grow their businesses, both offline and online; the firm is all set to venture further into the digital marketing arena. “With more clients in the pipeline, some more on our target list, the Pumpkins are going to be a force to reckon with in digital services space. We must also share that we have already ventured into Offline marketing services and Owned Application space,” Swati concludes.