Startup Xperts Business Consulting: Execution support beyond Advisory, to Start-ups and SMEs

CIO Vendor The Indian start-up scenario has attained great augmentation in the past, especially after the recession era. Soon after the great recession, there was an explosion of entrepreneurial spirit, which brought along a start-up wave that left a significant impact on India making it a major start-up hub. And, this start-up boom was certainly not a passing trend, but a revolution with the projection of more than 11,500 start-ups by 2020 from 3,100 in 2014. Today, this growing number of start-ups in India is not only turning out to be a major opportunity for generating employment but also for advisory companies capable of supporting these new ventures. Startup Xperts Business Consulting is one such competent business advisory company which identified the potential of Indian start-up ecosystem and took up the mission to support start-ups and small medium enterprises (SMEs) to grow to the next level.

Startup Xperts was established to help speed up the contribution of start-ups to the economy, a segment which has received least focus from a business consulting stand point. The company’s vision is to see SMEs and start-ups step up to the next level of growth. To help ease the task, it provides consulting solutions for Business Strategy, Sales and Digital Marketing. Initially operating as a business consulting company, Startup Xperts gradually introduced its foray of digital marketing services realising their growing need among the clients. “Many companies approached us with a serious concern that they are unable to find a suitable partner who understands their specific needs and support their digital marketing initiatives. So we set up a team and built a strategy around digital marketing services,” briefs Shyam Sekar S - Founder, Chief Mentor and Strategist, Startup Xperts Business Consulting.

Startup Xperts refrains from adopting the ‘one-size-fitsall’ approach as it doesn’t work for start-ups or small businesses since their needs and demands are very different

The firm believes that ‘if you cannot create value, you cease to exist’. Thus, it collaborates with clients to help them understand the value of brand visibility and the need to formulate and implement desired business strategies to be competitive. Shyam adds, “We drill down right from their organizational strategy with a third eye perspective, pick up their strengths, focus on the opportunities and come up with a strategic action plan that can transform their entity in a phased and sustainable manner.” Startup Xperts unlike other advisory firms makes it a mark to play a key role in execution. Many a times, the company plays a Virtual-CXO (Virtual-CMO) role and helps its clients come out of their challenges, set direction, grow, manage and monitor them, keeping in mind the medium and long term vision of those entities.

The company refrains from adopting the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach as it doesn’t work for start-ups or small businesses since their needs and demands are very different. Startup Xperts stands out by maintaining a distinguished focus, commitment and passion to support start-ups and small medium businesses segments. It operates as a domain agnostic business with a vast clientele spanning across technical and non-technical entities. It has had association with companies ranging from start-ups to small businesses and multi-billion dollar global majors. More over, the organization has helped launch brands/products/services, in the international markets quite successfully. In the future, Startup Xperts also plans to take its digital marketing solutions to the global market as a quality digital marketing service provider.