Brand Recourse: Powering Brands Forward with Innovation and Automation

CIO Vendor Although digital marketing is a concept which has picked up pace in the past decade, the real seeds of this technology were sown years ago. With the introduction of the World Wide Web and a meteoric rise of personal computing devices, the path was paved for the rise of digital marketing. With the advancement in the influence of mainstream media and numerous technology-based service providers, the challenge for marketers and production managers was to promote their product on multiple platforms. A company that works to alleviate these challenges is Brand Recourse. “We sought to overcome these challenges by delivering digital promotion on most of the online platforms – Emails, SMS, SEO, Web Banners, Micro sites etc with more focus towards automation of processes with minimal manual intervention eventually to result in greater efficiency,” explains Amit Yadav, Founder & Managing Director, Brand Recourse.

The Noida-based company was founded by Amit in partnership with Ravinder Yadav with a well defined plan to provide integrated suite of services in a single platform. Amit had prior experience in Digital marketing and Ravinder in Software and Project Development. It was a perfect combination of expertise and technology which became the foundation of Brand Recourse to deliver integrated, efficient and quality service to its clients.

The company offers a range of services under the umbrella of digital marketing and software development with great transparency. Among the various services offered, social media marketing is the forte of the relatively young company with their web campaign encompassing wireless media, digital client database, utilization of social sites and search engines which aims to establish a strong customer-client relationship to boost the revenue, product sales and brand recognition.
Along with Internet marketing, Brand Recourse excels in website designing & development, providing IT services & software solutions, content writing, delivering IVR solutions, search engine optimization,customer relationship management and a whole host of other services. It currently caters to sectors such as Real Estate, Insurance, E-commerce, Health, Education and Financial institutions.

“Brand Recourse offers a range of services under the umbrella of digital marketing and software development with great transparency”

The 4-year old company concedes a lot of its accomplishments to innovation and automation, as Ravinder says ‘Pillars of success’ adding,“ At Brand Recourse the focus is on building an enthusiastic and experienced team and a good technological platform. We work diligently around the dream promotion, brand building and performance-based marketing idea of a business. We are an organization fuelled by an ambitious team of specialists who tender it an extremely professional temperament that makes us a proficient and skilled online promotion company to work with.” And rightly so, the company has gained plenty of reputed clients which include Standard Chartered Bank, Axis Bank, Easy, Amrapali Group, HCL, Bharat Matrimony etc. It also has to be mentioned that the company has a supreme client retention percentage with 75 percent of their business coming from existing clients.

In the years to come, Brand Recourse is not looking for a quick and unbalanced growth. Brand Resource’s leadership team firmly believes that a strong foundation is important for a growth, both in terms of human resources and technology. “We plan to increase our headcount by 50 percent and in terms of infrastructure, open a sales office in Gurgaon by the end of this financial year,” concludes Amit.