Seed Studio: Highly Customized Design Services

CIO Vendor A critical need in both architecture and interior design is to realize that their roles, Methodologies,and service expectations are continually evolving within a dynamic social, economic, and political culture. The architects and designers are expected to propose designs which are both imaginative as well as pragmatic and are well coordinated with the place, time, materials and technologies. To play this role efficiently one such design and build firm SEED Studio (Sustainable Energy Efficient and Design) was established in 2013. Based in Mumbai, SEED Studio is an integrated strategic planning and design practice firm which specializes in sustainable architecture, interior design and project management services.

“My international experience and expertise in this field, fortified my passion to pursue my dream of a establishing a firm SEED Studio. In-depth knowledge about multi-disciplinary design process involving sustainable initiatives has helped us to holistically address client’s objectives and goals”, says Brijesh Butala, Principal Founder, SEED Studio.

SEED Studio being a newly born company had its own teething issues. They knew that they had to create an image for them selves amongst industry veterans and their share of difficulties initially pertaining to win the confidence of the clientele. However, with their ability to understand their clients and their efficient and sustainable design solutions, they were able to win over the hearts of the people of this industry.

SEED Studio excels in residential, hospitality and infrastructural services and also provides consultation services for redevelopment projects

Team SEED Studio had a tremendous passion for work which helped them overcome all the major challenges,following which today they doing about 60000 sq.ft.of design and build residential and mixed use projects. The company excels in residential, hospitality, infrastructural services and also provides consultation services for redevelopment projects.

“We provide highly customized services for our clients thereby understanding their goals. We try our best to transform their requirements into a sustainable, tangible and engaging built environment”, adds Brijesh with pride.

SEED Studio, over the years has left no stone unturned to reach to greater heights. In such a short span of time, the company has built a strong portfolio of diverse projects which includes Lakeview Apartments 6000 sq. ft. Residential Renovation Project, Kalpadeep Apartments 35000 sq. ft. ground up Design Build Mixed-Use Project, and Design Documentation for Sonesta Hotel Chain, USA to name a few.

“We want to be known as the ‘globally local firm’. We strive to amalgamate international standards with local materials and techniques. We are not only planning to expand our business outside Mumbai but also set up our branches internationally. Our BIM (Building Information Modeling) approach, which uses the ‘state of art’ technology, is a unique feature which is expected to achieve a lot of efficiency in the process of design and execution. We want to expand ourselves to grow with the approach of sustainable design principles and create product differentiation and exceptional experience for our clients”, concludes Brijesh.