TransPrice: Rendering One-Stop Shop Solutions for specialist Transfer Pricing solutions

CIO Vendor With continuous globalisation of Indian economy as well as the resulting increase in cross border transactions coupled with complexity of domestic and international laws and regulations multinational companies are witnessing tremendous change in the transfer pricing policies. The lack of awareness amongst people with respect and its litigious nature, has led to a dearth of qualitative documentation and advice. Consequently, there are only few established consultancies that offer transfer pricing service and among the handful consulting companies; some are either highly priced or they lack specialised knowledge. To find the right transfer pricing adviser who can proactively manage transfer pricing risks and provide constructive solutions to a complex issue a crucial element for every business. One such firm that can provide substantial value addition in the field of transfer pricing is TransPrice.

Akshay Kenkre, a Chartered Accountant with over ten years of practical experience in the field of Auditing, Finance, Taxation & Transfer Pricing founded Transprice in 2013 with the motive vision to of provide advisory, compliance and representation services in the transfer pricing domain. "We offer end-to-end transfer pricing solutions to our clients. It includes all types of advisory in transfer pricing and international taxation, including compliances that are regulated through the direct tax legislation as well as all types ofand dispute resolution and representation services before the tax authorities,” Akshay says.

TransPrice has assisted its clients in tax planning strategies along with apt risk mitigation solutions to steer their business through ever dynamic times

With a deep understanding of legal and industry-specific issues with establishments in more than 25 countries, the company offers a wide array of transfer pricing solutions; Advisory and Planning, Compliance and Documentation, Representation at tax offices and International Taxation solutions.

The company has assisted its clients in planning their taxes better and rendering apt risk mitigation to steer their business through hard times. TransPrice provides high quality services to its clients and is on the way to become an advisor of choice for the Indian businesses.

The end to end solutions of the company are also cost effective along with maintaining the quality of its services. Additionally, the company has entered in to strategic partnership with Quantera Global, one of the world’s leading transfer pricing advisory firms, providing specialist transfer pricing services to multinationals of all sizes across the globe.

Even though the company has grown leaps and bounds, the TransPrice approach is to widen the reach of transfer pricing by networking with the local independent Chartered Accountant’s. Although the company is headquartered in Mumbai, the company also has associate partners in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi and Pune. Going forward, the company foresees expanding its business by increasing the strength and hiring more skilled professionals for the growth and development of the company. “I want to make a difference in the market by providing a quality documentation along with, customisation for every business that would meet the test of Indian tax authorities” Akshay concludes.