KPNB & Associates: Providing expert assistance and support in the Transfer Pricing (‘TP’) Life Cycle across Industries

CIO Vendor “One of the key challenges we faced initially was the hesitation of the Multinational Companies to rely on a local firm like ours on the complex issues of TP and International Taxation as an alternative to the multinational professional firms.” says Chinmay Nagawat, the co-founder of KPNB & Associates, a firm that offers expert services in TP, international tax and other areas by adopting a customised approach to suit the client’s business needs.However, with the quality and reliability of our service offering, the area not only witnessed opening up of an alternative to the clients, but also resulted in a promising growth for the niche service line for our firm. Established in Pune in early 2013, KPNB started its journey with the sole purpose of providing strong support, complement and add value to businesses by helping them achieve their business goals and optimising the organisations’ potential.

Armed with a highly efficient workforce, KPNB offers complete range of TP solutions right from inception and policy formulation levels to advisory, compliances and searches across Indian / Overseas databases. Along with this, KPNB offers complete litigation support at all levels including the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal and has capabilities to help clients in Safe Harbour as well as APA procedures per their needs. “We aim to help global businesses achieve operational and international tax objectives and assist them to protect tax base, eliminate double taxation and enhance cross border trade,” says Chinmay.

KPNB aims to help global businesses achieve operational and international tax objectives and assist them to protect tax base, eliminate double taxation and enhance cross border trade

In addition to these, the company also provides assistance in direct & indirect tax, international tax, human capital, regulatory as well as audit &assurance, accounting support etc, looked after by other Partners Smita Khanna, Basant Porwal, Vinay Baldota & Ashish Daweshar with the team.

“Given the coverage and resource requirements such as licensed databases etc., while pricing is one of the determining factor linked with business development, we have always ensured that at no point in time we allure clients in shifting from the existent service providers by just offering a cost advantage. We have ensured that whenever there is a requirement initiated by the service recipient himself, we have made ourselves available and worked closely in offering an optimum solution and providing a one window service firm” Chinmay explains.

In some instances, the new business client population faced issues of non-availability of expert knowledge in the TP and the International Tax areas which made their business vulnerable to the intricacies on these fronts. Also sometimes, the lack of awareness amongst new businesses resulted in complex yet important issues of TP getting ignored. To address these issues, KPNB tries to work closely with the clients, keep them updated on the latest occurring in the space and help the new set-ups leverage on the value proposition. “We have also started a new area of overseas documentation support and search outsourcing and are working on creating a solution oriented advisory repository for its clients, covering topics on recurring issues to offer quick reference and decision making,” Chinmay adds.. Also, with the multi-locational spread of clients, we will soon be expanding our presence in a few more locations in the Country.