A. Ponibass & Co.: Chennai Facilitating SMEs with Audits International Taxation, ERP Implementation and Transfer Pricing Services

CIO Vendor Accounting and taxation are two areas that every enterprise needs to be careful about, as the consequences of mishandling them can be catastrophic. Any business, irrespective of its size and nature of operations can never afford to turn a blind eye to any matter that leads to taxation related troubles and one such area remains transfer pricing. It was realised quite well by some leading multinationals that made headlines due to their transfer pricing disputes, as a matter of tax avoidance, which is scrutinised cautiously by authorities. Such instances often surround transfer pricing transactions which also involve a risk element that can be eliminated with involvement of specialised consultants. M/S A. Ponibass & Co. is a Chartered Accounting firm that brings the desired expertise to manage everything related to International Taxation, ERP Implementation and Transfer Pricing.

The organization was founded by CA A. Ponibass, an experienced CA who wants to lend a helping hand to small & medium enterprises (SMEs). He had the vision to facilitate the SMEs who had to reach out to different consultants for their audit or statutory compliance, taxation and transfer pricing needs. A. Ponibass & Co. emerged to mitigate that challenge by providing an extensive array of solutions including accounting, tax, business setup, book keeping, consulting, and management assurance services. “In the international market, taxation role is very big, so we are looking into small and medium enterprises who cannot afford to pay the ‘Big Four’, and yet need quality services,” elaborates CA A.Ponibass, Founder, M/s A. Ponibass & Co.

The organization operates as a one stop consultancy for transfer pricing needs offering specialised solutions for International Taxation & ERP Implementation

The organization operates as a one stop consultancy for transfer pricing needs. It also offers specialised solutions for International Taxation, ERP Implementation. M/s A. Ponibass & Co. manages everything from incorporation of a company to completion of audits and complying with statutory regulations, besides carrying out other necessary actions. It also takes care of RBI compliance such as bringing the capital in and managing audit service. It ensures to extend the right piece of advice to its clients for each and every service area of its portfolio. Apart from delivering trusted advisory solutions, the company has also developed a manual for accounting and even for audits. The audit manual consists of all the essential details, including the documents needed to be maintained, a checklist and other elements.

M/s A. Ponibass & Co. is managed by a specialized team of CAs, Company Secretaries, Corporate Lawyers, Management Consultants and other professionals who collaboratively work towards providing delightful experiences to the clients. Quality has been the biggest focus area for A. Ponibass & Co., which it seeks to sustain by providing appropriate training to the new additions in the team. It maintains informative documents, manuals and training modules for Tally, ERP and Excel to get the best out of its workforce. CA A.Ponibass adds, “We are concentrating on providing quality services on time ,so we are implementing certain creative self development programs. Saturday is the compulsory training program day. We are hiring external consultants who deliver the state of the art services.” Another major area that the company is seeking to focus on is developing its own internal tools to deliver unparalleled client experience.