Medwiz Healthcare Communications: A Center of Excellence in Medical Communication

CIO Vendor India perhaps is one of the most attractive destinations for the healthcare and medical businesses. Indian healthcare industry size is over US$90 billion and growing at 12 percent per annum. The increase in life style diseases, phenomenal growth in income levels, 300 million strong middle class, awareness about diseases and diagnosis, increase in educational levels, and increase in government, private & insurance driven spending are the key reasons of growth of the Indian healthcare industry.
Large number of foreign and Indian private healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical research, diagnostic and other healthcare/medical companies are increasing their investments and expanding operations. Several international medical equipment and services companies are focusing on India strategy. However, with the emerging Indian market fast becoming a favourite outsourcing destination for global companies in this sector, there is lack of companies that can help physicians, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers and patients/consumers with strategic alliances for marketing and in-licensing of products.

The Inception of Medwiz Healthcare Communications

Years ago, when Dr. Mamta Jain was working as a medical practitioner, she noticed that the inputs in the marketing collateral given by the pharmaceutical companies were of no absolute utility. Moreover, she sensed the need of providing unique value based services catering to the needs of physicians, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers and patients/consumers. Observing this, Dr. Mamta Jain was encouraged to set up a visionary healthcare communications agency that would meet the needs of healthcare clients and providers through scientific acumen, excellence in delivery and dedicated service. And thus was born Medwiz Healthcare Communications in 2005.

Recounting those days, Dr. Mamta Jain, Managing Director, Medwiz Healthcare Communications, states, “It was a tough time to begin. I was new to the industry and hardly had any friends or connection. Moreover, I had little idea on how pharma worked. This however, also motivated me to learn. Even today, every conversation with my clients is a learning experience and they have taught me so much by sharing their problems, their concerns, the brands and more,” she says with a smile.

Further narrating the journey of Medwiz, she explains how the company expanded its operations in Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai in a short span of its inception. Today, Medwiz has righteously set its eye on the peak, and is gunning to deliver impactful healthcare communication, have a global outreach and fanatically help pharma and medical associations by consistently creating value. The organization offers asuite of services that includes medical communications, scientific content-based product promotion strategies for pharmaceutical and device companies, patient education, web-based solutions. The firm uses the full range of communication and publishing strategies to develop high impact campaigns and services including novel Internet based approaches. “We specialize in the creation and localization of content to target audiences throughout the world, including some of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets such as India and across the globe. Our clients include many major pharmaceutical companies and our expertise spans across numerous therapeutic areas,” avers Dr. Mamta.

Medwiz has strategically partnered with Wolters Kluwers, thereby having access to largest scientific knowledge database, with few gold standard educational and scientific offering, also a channel partner with EBIX USA who also are leaders in medical content.

Uniting Strategic Understanding and Creative Thinking

Founded on the principles of quality, service and excellence, Medwiz as a full-service, international agency is dedicated to one thing only - healthcare communication. “Because we live and breathe healthcare, we understand the complexities of both the human body and the medical marketplace. Our approach is to outsmart the competition by simplifying
workflow and streamlining processes,” she says. The team at Medwiz consists of industry professionals consists of doctors, pharmacy graduates, medical writers, scientific directors, technology specialists, content researchers, creative directors and practicing advisors and is particularly adept at converting complex concepts into easily absorbable communication inputs.

The firm’s services cover the entire basket of solutions, from brand solutions to medical education. Medwiz has an innovative, visionary
team of marketers who deliver sustainable
strategic value for healthcare and pharmaceutical brands. They work with therapy area specialists to offer a unique fusion of commercial insight and scientific understanding. When it comes to patient communication, Medwiz combines deep knowledge of patients' healthcare experience with insight into their mindset and behavior to create highly effective concordance and loyalty programs and materials from patient acquisition to patient compliance. Being actively involved in Online and Digital Marketing - Digital and Interactive, Medwiz delivers services ranging from site building to search engine optimization, through to integrated online campaigns. e.g. patient specific disease website, lifestyle, molecule, medical specialty websites.

In the CRO segment, Medwiz is establishing itself as a full service Clinical Research Organization that specializes in providing solutions to the twin challenges of speed and cost in clinical drug development

In the digital space we are currently developing learning management platforms, which can be used across specialties, for medical representatives, pharmacists, across demographics from school and college students. Medwiz is also developing a unique platform for wellness industry with the objective of optimizing resources spent on employee wellness and giving solutions which enables people to achieve their personal best.
In the CRO segment, Medwiz is establishing itself as a full service Clinical Research Organization that specializes in providing solutions to the twin challenges of speed and cost in clinical drug development. “We have contacts with leading investigators who excel in their respective Indications/Therapeutic areas. These doctors represent the best and most experienced team of medical professionals throughout India.Therapeutic knowledge is our foundation and the basis for our bringing together leading experts in their respective fields and assembling dedicated teams with proven experience. We tailor our teams and processes to meet your goals, serving as support pillars to deliver strong science and consistent quality every step of the way,” adds Mamta.

The organization is also committed to serving the medical community through tailored, comprehensive Continuing Medical Educational (CME) programs. “Our CME programs are designed to be engaging, dynamic, effective, progressive, and enlightening.We have extensive experience in planning and executing CME programs in both domestic and international settings, and we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to produce events that are effectual, proficient, and seamless,” she further adds. Medwiz’sservices cover the entire basket of CME solutions including Distance learning certified CME, Hands-on workshops, Association CME Meetings, Industry sponsored CME, International and national affiliated CMEs, amongst others. Medwiz has also earned an exemplary reputation for implementing highly successful CMEs and National and International conferences and consensus Meets on behalf of leading names in the healthcare industry and Medical associations across various therapy areas.

A Trusted Healthcare Partner

Dr. Mamta Jain takes great pride in a fact that Medwiz has successfully served numerous clients since its inception. With such a record, it is no surprise that Medwiz is a specialized healthcare communication platform. “Over the years we have grown, along with a high level of work and services. In the past few years, we have grown from strength to strength, foraying into newer avenues of growth and providing more value added services along the way.We bring commitment, integrity and pride to everything we do.Our goal is to be recognized as a center of excellence in medical communications by our clients, our peers, our employees and the medical community with whom we work,” she concludes.