Centre for Fundraising: The Backbone for the Non-profit Organisations

CIO Vendor Funds act as the fuel required to keep an organization’s engine running. Be it a for profit organization or a non profit organization, they all require sufficient funds to keep moving forward. India severely lacks trained fundraisers, and more is paucity of mentors and leaders in the fundraising space, who could guide the NGOs on the path to sustainability.Fundraising is backbone of the Non-profit organization, and donations are the key to execution of the charitable activities.

Centre for Fundraising was set up in 2013 by Kunal Verma and Rashmi Verma with an idea to encourage more &more Indian NGOs to explore raising funds from India and guide them on the path to sustainable growth. The company is presently India’s leading management consultancy offering complete set of fundraising support right from strategizing, planning, implementing and executing to evaluating. “Wework with Indian and International NGOs, offering them fundraising solution under three verticals: Strategic Inputs, Fundraising services and CSR & Assurances. We also work companies (both Indian and MNCs) tohelp set up their CSR department and help them pick the right NGO for awarding grants and executing their CSR initiatives,” says Kunal.

Headquartered at Noida, and with branches across Bangalore and Guwahati, CFFguides, supports and influences the efforts of philanthropists and development institutions to serve best possible solutions based on thorough research and market intelligence. CFF is unique in its approach as it offers comprehensive fundraising solutions right from, strategizing, to developing fundraising plans, execution of fundraising channels, developing communications and digital plans, market research, Fundraising audits, recruitment of fundraising team and trainings. “Our fundraising initiatives have already resulted in lakhs of people signing up to support charities. With an extensive, nationwide field force of professional fundraisers and a comprehensive support system, we have the capacity to respond quickly to a client’s changing needs,” Rashmi explains.She further adds, that the CFF fundraising team is equipped with the state of the art presentation materials

CFF guides, supports and works with Indian and international NGOs, so that they are able to raise funds locally to support their local work on the ground.

like virtual reality based project videos, tab based donation forms, real time donation devices, which makes it convenient for the donors to make their donations, and also gives them the confidence that they are donating to the right NGOs.The company also works on communicative strategiesto uplift the fund raising activities related to its clients’ needs. Italso writes and designs creative communications including print materials, presentations, interactive tablet apps, websites, videos etc. that a company needs to start donor conversations and inspire community support. CFF also certifies non-profit organisations after meeting their criteria for financial management and accountability, which helps them access CSR funding.

“Our clients belong to the NGO sector, and they are of all sizes right from those who are being assisted with their market entry plans to the biggest INGOs, who have been working for several decades.The trends over last 15 years suggest that that the foreign funding to NGOs has gone down drastically, and thus many of these organizations are need to look at another source of funds so that they can continue their good work. This is where our roles come in. Our team of consultants have worked with biggest global charities and helped them raising funds across various countries besides India. We work with the NGOs to help them create and execute a vision where they are not going to be reliant on foreign funds for doing the good work,” defines Kunal. We take huge pride in our country and its resources, and it would be a gross shame if India as the third fastest growing global economy, has to depend upon other countries to solve its social challenges. Our team of expert fundraisers create an enabling environment for individuals and corporations to give to the cause of their choice and make a difference.

CFF has come a long way and has earned the confidence and respect of global charities working in India, as an Indian company which totally understands the Indian giving culture. In last three years, CFF has worked with over 30 NGOs working in diverse fields like healthcare, water and hygiene, women empowerment and electricity, education, leprosy, children, environment, climate change etc. It has also evolved a lot by implementing various fund raising plans for its clients. After establishing itself in the Indian market, now CFFis all set to reach out to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and other south-east Asian countries in the coming years.