KPM Engineering: A Global Engineering Consultant

CIO Vendor “There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach.” This quote by John S Herrington stands true for various businesses who with their zeal to innovate and ability to overcome perils have reached the top. Similar is the saga of KPM, a provider of structural design, MEP design and BIM (Building Information Modelling) services, which is striving to innovate and deliver comprehensive building engineering solutions.
The organization was born out of its founders’ instinct, which after encountering the flittering financial conditions in the UK realised the need to setup a firm to proficiently manage international engineering projects. It was in 2008, when the global financial crisis and unavailability of resources in the UK compelled Mitesh Bavdekar and Kashif Fakih to explore the Indian marketplace. As an outcome, the UK based engineers founded KPM in 2009. Their vision was to create a platform for engineers in India to help them get international exposure. “It was the global financial crisis which led us to think about how we can connect various nations and provide a platform for Indian engineers to work on a global scale and also to bring global best engineering practices to India,” explains Mitesh Bavdekar, Director - MEP, KPM Engineering.
The company initially brought MEP designing services to the table, but later to strike a balance between the three essential elements of building i.e., architecture, structure and MEP, it revised its portfolio and added Building Information Model (BIM) to its roster of services.
“In the designing process there are several issues between MEP and structures. So, just providing MEP wasn’t bringing great value to us and our clients. This is when got our head of structures, Napoleón dela Colina with more than 23 years of global engineering experience to grow the KPM Structural Practice,” adds Mitesh.

KPM is an international consulting firm which holds the advantage of having handled a multitude of projects in the UK, the US, Middle East and other geographies across the globe

KPM is an international consulting firm which holds the advantage of having handled a multitude of projects in the UK, U.S., Middle East and other countries across the globe. Over the years, the organization has developed trust among its clients by successfully delivering various global projects. The company gives its engineers & draftsmen the desired exposure by allowing them to deal with both domestic and international clients and implement projects unlike other consulting companies, in which their engineers have only local expertise.
“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” The saying rightly defines the disposition of KPM’s founders, who do not shy away from exploring new opportunities. They keep astonishing their clients with innovations, some of which had not been implemented in India before. An appropriate example for this can be the company’s recommendation of deploying a new technology for Indian projects, which had earlier been used in the U.S. After registering numerous denials, team KPM successfully implemented it for a leading Indian construction company.
The company aims to be recognised as a cutting-edge engineering consultant in India. Going forward, the organization plans to focus on expanding its presence in India besides working on its global projects in UK and The Middle East.