KK Sharma Law Offices KK: Guiding through New Competitive Environment

CIO Vendor The commerce having become global, trade boundaries are becoming less rigid. As heat of competition is felt not only within the national boundaries but also from across the borders, the tendencies of some entrerprises to fall prey to the anticompetitive practices and collusion for with an intent to make more profits is only natural.

Many countries, including India, have enacted competition laws to keep a check on these anticompetitive tendencies. Being a new competition law jurisdiction, most Indian businesses learn of it only when they are heavily penalised because of lack of awareness of this new regulation.

K K Sharma, who was the Director General and Head of Anti-trust & Combinations Divisions at the Competition Commission of India(CCI) and a Commissioner of Income Tax, started KK Sharma Law Offices (KK) in October 2012 to fill this void and guide enterprises through the new regime. Functioning as the strategic consulting platform for overall advice on economic laws, corporate governance and public affairs, the firm specialises in competition law, taxation and regulatory issues.

“There exist islands of ignorance on the subject of competition law and no one, having sound academic base and inside vision of a competition agency, who can guide you through this new reality. KK was found to step into this void and ensure that the companies are represented well before the competition agency so that not only can they avoid heavy penalties on them but also get business abuses against them punished successfully before the agency.” says KK. He further asserts that KK serves its clients across both sides of the regulatory divide as it advises governments, regulators, companies and professional firms on the entire spectrum of issues concerning competition laws, taxation and public policy regulations.
In his tenure with the government,Mr Sharma also had the opportunity to understand competition laws and practices from an international perspective while serving with UN Bodies, International Competition Network (ICN) and other such international organisations. He guides the companies to find long-term and sustainable solutions to the strategic concerns of companies worldwide to move unhindered on the path of growth. Team KK spans the globe, providing local solutions with an expertise having global vision and approach. “We understand that best practices in competition law and regulation, tax and public policy require harmonisation with local laws, procedure and culture. We go an extra mile to help our clients resolve their cross-border issues,” explains KK Sharma.

The competency of a law firm can only be judged by its team. For this reason, KK brings together an unmatched expertise in the form of a team comprising of former regulatory heads, experienced attorneys, eminent academicians, economic specialists, stock brokers and resource managers. “The value we offer our clients is based on the long and rich experience of our team members as well as the skill, knowledge, creativity and passion of our people,” he adds. He eneadours to expand the firm’s knowledge base and help clients with utmost honesty, sincerity and professional work in coming future. He envisions the firm to establish itself as the best competition law firm internationally.