Serve HR Corporate Services: Transforming the Labour Law Compliance Sector

CIO Vendor Labour law compliance is an area that requires consistent attention from businesses, irrespective of their size and nature of operations. They are often surrounded with compliance issues such as maintaining records and registers under each act. This is not only tedious but also complicated in nature. The Industrial Relations & Labour Laws Compliance is undoubtedly a complicated area, requiring due attention from businesses. It’s indisputably a daunting task for which companies often need external support. This support was brought to the market by Late Shri Kishore Joshi with the inception of Serve HR Corporate Services in 1983. He saw the prospects for these services among SMEs & large businesses that couldn’t afford a full time expert or resource in this area which is a non-core function for any HR Department. Hence, this Mumbai based company went on to build a strong domain expertise to handle the most complicated issues related to labour law.

Serve HR Corporate Services provide solutions such as Statutory Compliance Management Services, New Registration, Renewals & Advisory services, Labour Laws Audit Services and Low-Cost Temp Staffing services. It is the first compliance services provider to initiate SAS 70 Certification, which is a widely recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Additionally, the firm also offers PAN India Compliance services in association with one of the Reliance Group Companies. Serve HR Corporate Services also provides temp staffing services and has about 1000 employees on the company’s roster.
“Our strength lies in our three decade old practice of these laws which has garnered invaluable experience. Besides, our organized set-up and experienced team who make day to day work simpler for our clients, is what makes us different from our competitors,” says Mehul Joshi, Designated Partner, Serve HR Corporate Services. The company in its early years of existence had to combat numerous challenges prevailing in the industry. Initially, there were not many large establishments who were willing to outsource these services.

Serve HR's growth has gradually amplified over the years with increasing client references and word-of-mouth

Consequently, for about 15 years, the organization had to struggle for growth dealing with small SME’s as its clientele. Business picked up during the late 90’s and early 2000, when many new commercial organizations such as IT companies, airlines, BPO’s & foreign ventures were starting to set up their base in India. However, with this boom, the clients’ expectations and needs started increasing. The company then started appointing local consultants for every branch separately. Serve HR Corporate Services quickly assessed this problem and decided to provide them services in locations other than Mumbai. The firm associated with local expert consulting firms and worked out a model to deal with this. This enabled clients to acquire equal level of service and expertise at their branch locations at a lower cost without dealing with multiple agencies. “This eventually turned out a Win-Win situation and we are currently going strong in this model of work for those clients who need pan India services,” adds Mehul.

The company’s growth has gradually amplified over the years with increasing client references and word-of-mouth. The firm is further aiming at enhancement its Pan India service portfolio. Serve HR Corporate Services is also looking to set-up a sales team to accelerate its growth with direct sales and association models.